Have you Been to the Waynesboro Home Depot?

Waynesboro Home Depot
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Compared it to the Charlottesville Lowe’s? Hah. I went to the Home Depot in Waynesboro last week (there’s a Lowe’s too, and I’m sure they’re good, but I like orange) – and was met by three smiling employees, one of whom offered to guide me around the store finding what I needed.

I was told that they have been focusing on customer service since their new general manager arrived, and it shows. Not only is gas cheaper there – I paid $2.49 on Thursday, Crozet had gas from $2.89 at the BP to $3.29 at the Exxon, but going to a huge home improvement store wasn’t an exercise in futility and frustration.

Update 4 November 2008: From an email:

The other thing you didn’t mention is that from Crozet to the Home Depot there are only 2 lights and that’s in Waynesboro. It may be a few extra miles to Waynesboro but it’s a pleasant drive.

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4 Replies to “Have you Been to the Waynesboro Home Depot?”

  1. You’ll find ALOT of things are easier and cheaper in the Valley. We only work in Cville and if our company downsizes we’re moving to the Valley. Houses and gas are cheaper. Getting around town and finding affordable family things to do is easier in the Valley.
    Too bad Cville can’t take a page out of the Valley book, but oh i forgot Cville is really run by UVA and everything has to be expensive.

  2. I don’t understand why the previous poster had to dig at UVA.

    I think Home Depot overall is trying to step up their game. I went to one up in Fredericksburg a few months ago when I was up there for a random reason and found the staff also very attentive. I still like Lowes on 29 because it’s so close, but there are times when I’ll take the ride out to Waynesboro because I haven’t been able to find exactly what I want locally.

  3. The Texaco at 29n and Greenbriar Dr had gas for 2.19/gal as of Saturday. Same price as the Shell Station on the opposite corner.

  4. Lowest gas I saw on 11/2 was $1.99 & $2 in the Waynesboro area. Numerous stations in the valley were at $2.07. If you live on the western side of Albemarle, as many posters to this blog do, you’ll find “The Valley” to be GENERALLY a more pleasant experience than the “population center(s)” east of the mountains. And there’s a reason for it.

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