An Assisted Living Facility at Old Trail?

You know those signs that say “Notice Number 22” that pop up from time time time around Albemarle County? They really are important. 🙂

Did you see the one on 240 between Downtown Crozet and the 240/240 intersection by chance? From the Albemarle County website – (bolding mine)

PROJECT: ZMA200800005 Old Trail Village Block 2 PROPOSAL: Amend Code of Development to include rest home\assisted living use for approved ZMA200400024 (Old Trail NMD) which allows residential (3 – 34 units/acre) mixed with commercial, service and industrial uses. Approved number of units for Old Trail is between 1600 and 2200. No change to density is proposed. PROFFERS: Yes (Amendment to refer to revised Table 4 of the amended Code of Development) EXISTING COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY: CT5 – mixed residential and commercial uses. Residential density – 12 dwelling units per acre; 18 dwelling units per acre in a mixed use setting in the Community of Crozet. ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes LOCATION: North side of Route 250 West, approximately 2,000+ feet east of the intersection of Miller School Rd. and Route 250. TAX MAP/PARCEL: 55E1-A1 (portion) MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: White Hall

The Planning Commission hearing is 11 November; Board hearing is 12 November.

I’m working on finding out more …

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