Santa In Old Trail

Old Trail Golf and Trailside Coffee are pleased to announce an opportunity for FREE pictures with Santa Saturday, December 13, 9am-12noon at the Old Trail Golf Pavilion. This event, free and open to the public, is a combined benefit for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and the UVa Hospital Pediatrics units (7 West and 7 Central). Attendees are encouraged, but not required, to bring either a new toy donation for the playrooms at UVa OR a canned food donation for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. In addition to bringing a toy donation, craft materials will be available to make holiday cards for hospital patients – a terrific activity for children.

It has been brought to the attention of the Old Trail community that the toy cabinets in the pediatrics units of UVa Hospital are nearly empty, causing the playrooms to be closed. Similarly, the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank is experiencing a high demand and is in need of additional supplies to feed area families. In this lean economy, we recognize that not everyone can afford to purchase a new toy, but may instead be able to contribute a can of food or make a holiday card for patients unable to participate in outside activities during the holiday season. Trailside Coffee and Old Trail Golf wish to help local families while providing a fun environment and an opportunity for pictures with Santa.

A photographer will be on-hand to take pictures that will be available online, free for downloading with an option to order prints as desired.

Trailside Coffee will provide hot chocolate and cookies to those bringing donations of either food or toys. Other food and beverages will also be available.

For more information, contact:
Marcia McGee, Owner, Trailside Coffee

Or call Old Trail Golf: 434-823-8101

Below is a list of criteria for toys that will NOT be accepted due to health and safety concerns:

– Previously owned/used items (toys, crafts, stuffed animals, clothing);
– Friction (i.e., spark-producing) toys;
– Toys which emit or discharge projectiles;
– Toys with sharp edges;
– Electrical toys or radio-frequency generating toys which do not meet the requirements of Medical Center Policies 0055 and 0139;
– Toys with small pieces or removable parts, if accessible to children under the age of three;
– Toys with cords longer than 7”, if accessible to infants, and toys with cords longer than 12”, if accessible to toddlers;
– Water-retaining toys or anything that is in liquid form (other than non-toxic blowing bubbles);
– Toys containing latex, because of potential latex allergies or sensitivities; no latex balloons (only Mylar) and no latex wrist bands;
– Toys or packages containing candy (e.g., Pez or other candy dispensers, “goodie bags” with candy, food, drink, etc.);
– Any fomites (other than Play dough or foam craft kits that would be for individual use only)

Editor’s note: I’m tired of posting fun community building events centered in Old Trail – where are the ones not in OT? This post is a reprint of a press release sent by the Old Trail team.

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