Wine Fun in Crozet this Weekend

Sure, I’ll re-post advertisements on RealCrozetVA – if they’re 1) humorous or 2) Free or 3) about wine.

First – humorous from Greenwood

Greenwood Gourmet’s First Annual

It’s Huge! It’s Exhaustive!

From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every bottle of Pinot Noir in the store will be on sale.

15% off single bottles
20% off 12-bottle cases
(mixed cases encouraged)
We’ll supply the boxes — You supply the credit default swaps
(though we prefer Visa and MasterCard)


Second – Free from King Family Vineyards

Enjoy a complimentary tasting this weekend only in the Tasting Room at King Family Vineyards. Print the image below and redeem it for your tasting. Bring a picnic or choose from our selection of bread, cheeses, salami and more. Pick a spot in front of the fireplace or enjoy the unique experience of sitting among next year’s wine in the Barrel Room.

Update – Not wanting to leave out Blue Mountain Brewery, I just received this email (I like the “Hoppy” Holidays”) –

Hoppy Holidays everyone!

A few Blue Mountain Brewery news bits as we head into the final stretch of ’08:

First and very exciting, our new experimental beer is hitting the taps this Monday (yup, we’ll be open Monday 12/22 and Monday 12/29). We’ve given up naming this behemoth and are simply calling it by its descriptor–Double Barrel-Aged Chocolate Cherry Bourbon Imperial Stout. In a nutshell it’s Dark Hollow post-bourbon barrels aged in Pollack Vineyards Pinot Noir barrels with 20#s of cherries and 7#s of Mexican Cocoa nibs per barrel (nibs are the fermented, roasted cacao bean that is used to make chocolate). It’s liquid happiness, and as it tastes like drinking a Godiva bar, this heady brew is perfect for the season. To take it a step further, we’re serving it from the nitrogen tap!

And we’re still selling 750s of Dark Hollow batch #4, so come one by this weekend for a bottle and all your last-minute shopping swag (gift cards, hats, Ts, growlers, cases, kegs, etc.)

King Family Vineyards Coupon - tell 'em you read about it on RealCrozetVA

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6 Replies to “Wine Fun in Crozet this Weekend”

  1. Jim – Where’s the image to print for the King Family Vineyards tasting? I’m not seeing it anywhere on the page.

  2. Hi Jim,
    I’m looking for contact information for Heidi Sonen and thought you might be able to help. Heidi did a wonderful weather program for me at the Ivy Creek Natural Area years ago and I was hoping she would help out with the climate and weather training for a new local group called the Rivanna Master Naturalists. Just looking for a short morning program in March.
    If you know her contact info I would love to have it or maybe you could just forward this message with my email to her.
    Thanks so much,

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