Brief Notes for 2009-05-24

  • I’ll be going to the Crozet Pool a lot more this summer. They lowered the membership fee – $315 for a family of four! #
  • @realcrozetva Thinking you’ll be a great supporter and promoter of the Crozet Pie Down. Yes? 00Absolutely. Both @jimduncan & @realcrozetva #
  • RT @Marijean: @JimDuncan We’re already in talks with Mudhouse about a fall pie down (think: apple, pumpkin, etc.) in Crozet.Yippee! –Sweet! #
  • The Crozet Farmer’s Market – in pictures! #
  • Back from the Crozet Farmer’s market. Got some swiss chard, lettuce, onions, mint. Maybe mojitos in our future. #
  • @StarrHill Not to worry. I stopped by Great Valu for some Love. Maybe a growler from the brewery tomorrow in reply to StarrHill #
  • @haminga Really interesting. I’d love to hear some kind of official statement – it seems Crozet Pool may be the only best option in reply to haminga #
  • RT @gingergermani: Brownsville Elem desperately needs volunteers for Fun Fair next Friday. Email [email protected] #
  • @gingergermani I’ve heard that the Old Trail pool will be open this summer. Maybe @oldtrail can clarify in reply to gingergermani #
  • Wondering – will the Old Trail pool, while closed to the general public, be open to ACAC members? #
  • RT @haminga: Crozet Harris Teeter parking lot today…empty! And, they don’t accept UVA discount! #
  • @aflusche If we can just get a few dozen people to file police reports .. #
  • Did you know that you can report littering as a crime – online in Albemarle County? #
  • Just got a nasty “newspaper” dropped in my driveway. If you got one, email me what you think – [email protected] #
  • RT @crozeteyecare: Working on information at the Crozet Business Networking Group. — feel free to write a story for RealCrozetVA about it! #
  • @crozeteyecare – Welcome to Twitter. Try this – #
  • Looking forward to the Crozet business networking group for lunch. Also, meeting John Lawrence at the Mudhouse this morning. #
  • A chilly morning in Crozet. Nice. #
  • RT @gingergermani: Dinner at Tea House in Crozet. So happy to have really good chinese food here at last! – I still haven’t eaten here. #

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4 Replies to “Brief Notes for 2009-05-24”

  1. The Old Crozet School sliding board…where did it go–and why?

    This old sliding board was mentioned as still being in place in a year 2007 posting on this blog.

  2. I’m browsing through all these…thanks for all the updates!

    Is there really going to be a pie shop in Crozet? Or did I misread?

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