Take the Crozet Master Plan Survey

I ran into Mary Rice this evening at the Great Valu. She was handing out notices about the Crozet Master Plan Revision survey.

She said that people just were not/are aware of the survey (and one would assume they are unaware of the impact/influence they could also have).

Take a few minutes, educate yourself and fill out the survey. Ask and cajole your friends and neighbors about it too.

It matters.

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2 Replies to “Take the Crozet Master Plan Survey”

  1. Unfortunately, the survey is poorly constructed. I was disappointed when I saw it, and I am concerned that the data collected will be misleading, misinterpreted, and could be used for faulty decision making.

  2. Beth –

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    How is the survey poorly constructed?

    How would you like to see the future of Crozet defined? I don’t disagree necessarily that the (any, really) data could be misused, but please tell how.

    Thank you, sincerely.

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