Brief Notes for 2009-07-19

  • Crozet pool is very quiet today. Due to the Old Trail pool being open? #
  • If anyone's taking pictures of the Old Trail Town Center opening today, please put them on flickr tagged with "crozet" #
  • Intense storm in Crozet right now. Wind & sideways driving rain. Hope the power stays on long enough to finish cooking dinner! #
  • Crazy sideways rain in Crozet right now. Wind and rain. Where's the hail? #
  • Why do we have gov't when we have Google? #
  • @RoamingVA Starr Hill's brewery is in Crozet. Tours on Saturday, growlers & merch. Blue Mountain is tremendous in reply to RoamingVA #
  • @RoamingVA Fardowner's restaurant – Good food, beer, Starr Hill & Blue Mtn Breweries, Mudhouse & Trailside Coffee (Green House coming soon) in reply to RoamingVA #
  • RT @RoamingVA: What's the perfect compliment to all that wine I've been writing about recently? Pizza, Crozet Pizza! #
  • RT @hanchettjim: Old Trail prez tells me Old Trail pool opens tomorrow to everyone through the weekend. No charge. #
  • Old Trail Pool's opening this weekend, as is the Old Trail Town Center. #
  • Did an interview with Green House Coffee, should be up early next – #
  • @va_longhorn What's going on at the Crozet ACAC? in reply to va_longhorn #

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