Crozet Pool Closing for the Season

I don’t know about you, but buying a season pass to Crozet Pool was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time.

End of the Summer Hours!!!!

The pool will be open during regular hours through Sunday, August 23rd. On Monday, August 24th the pool will be open from 11 AM to 5 PM. The pool will re-open on August 29-30th at our regular hours and again for the Labor Day Weekend. Please see the Labor Day Weekend note below for operation hours.

Labor Day Weekend

The pool will be open Saturday and Sunday at our regular hours but on Monday the pool will be open from 11 AM to 7 PM. Please come out and enjoy the last weekend the pool will be open this summer.

Mark your Calendars!

The last pool event is upon us and will be held this Friday. The pool will be open late and food will be served beginning at 8 PM. These events will be open to the public. The cost to all Non-Season Pass Holders will be $4.00 per person (with five (5) and under free). All Season Pass Holders must bring and show their ID/pass to get in free!

Food being served will be hot dogs, chips and both freeze-pops and sugar cookies.
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4 Replies to “Crozet Pool Closing for the Season”

  1. was that last pool event on the 21st? checked the Crozet Pool website and i got that impression. i hope i’m wrong … anyone?

  2. there was no event.
    bad planning on the pool board side.
    pool had few people… it was nice since it was only $4 to get in.
    people showed up and left after finding out no movie.

    pool board should get their stuff together and be on the same page.

    this was my first time at the pool all year and i live 2 blocks from the pool. Waynesboro is a much better and cheaper alternative.

    $4 admission all year would be a great idea 🙂

  3. Peter,

    I’m not sure why you feel a “blog” is the place to bash a community pool- one you’ve only been to once the entire year, despite the fact you live two blocks away? So you know, Your criticism is disappointing and unnecessary. This pool is completely managed by volunteers! It’s not subsidized by a City or County like Waynesboro, and therefore, it can’t enjoy offering a $4 admission the entire season. It does, try it’s best to make it a wonderful and enjoyable designation here in Crozet. Normally those events have been solely for those purchasing season-passes. This year the pool committee thought it would be nice to share those events with the public. It’s unfortunate that the one time you DID visit the pool the staff was behind and had less help than the other times. The reason they didn’t choose to show a movie was due partly because of the technical difficulties experienced from the last event. This was published and advertised at the pool and on their website. Check it out at In case you didn’t hear, the other two events the pool held were great.

    There are a lot of people working hard so others can enjoy it! There are also a lot of people who are very proud of the improvements made this past season and look forward to more improvements to come. Those accomplishments shouldn’t be overlooked by your one time experience. I hope you will consider coming back and visiting the pool next year more often. I’m sure, if you look into it, there vacant spots available on the volunteer pool committee if you want to participate in a more meaningful way.

    Certainly Crozet Park Pool has a lot to offer- at the very least it will save you a lot of gas money drive to and from Waynesboro.

  4. Denise asked a question and I answered it. it’s my opinion and my observation that I can voice it.

    I’ve already voiced my opinion to the Pool Manager and received no response. I’m not “bashing” the pool, I’m disappointed with decisions/non-decisions by the Board.

    One issue I have is that a 12 year old gets charged an adult price, yet has to sit out at breaks. To me, paying adult price means being able to swim at adult time and breaks. Why pay adult prices and be treated like a 6 year old ?

    I don’t see on the site anywhere for Board positions are available or who someone should contact or what responsibilities there would be.
    Have you looked at the website lately ? If you look at the About Us link… it’s from 1994… this could be updated.

    If no one complains then nothing gets changed and improved.

    I appreciate what the staff does at the pool, and I’ve not had any issues with the staff. It’s the Board above the staff that it doesn’t seem to want to change or listen to anyone else. It’s been that way for years.

    I won’t be a regular attendant at the pool at the current prices. It’s cheaper for my family of 4 to drive, even with gas prices to Wboro and swim.

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