Brief Notes for 2009-08-30

  • RT @JimDuncan: I love Greenwood Country Store in Crozet #
  • I think it's so cool that a family of 3 rode their bikes here to the Crozet Mudhouse. Baby steps to a more connected community #
  • Coffee, Quiet and CSPAN on a Sunday morning. The simple things in life. #
  • RT @djxsv: Blasting off to another galaxy tonight with Space Cadet 7 at Fardowners in Crozet! [It's great that Crozet's getting a nightlife] #
  • Be aware of the traffic/paving/road work near WAHS #
  • @BSpinosa I've heard from a trusted friend in Crozet that there is a cougar in Crozet in reply to BSpinosa #
  • RT @hanchettjim: Acres of forest falling in Crozet. Foothill Crossing soon to rise. [incredible that they're starting in this economy] #
  • RT @brbs: looking for a good cville, crozet or gordonsville csa. any ideas? [we did Innisfree last year, but it was too much for us] #
  • Rode my bike to @trailsidecoffee for meeting today. Wondering where the bike racks are at Old Trail shops #
  • RT @DailyProgress: AT&T rolls out 3G service in area:
    Service for Crozet in the works #
  • I wish I knew when the fresh bread was delivered to Great Valu. Maybe they should be on Twitter or FB? #
  • Lots of deer out tonight along 240 – saw 6 or 7 on the way home from the gym #
  • RT @DailyProgress: @stevewhitaker Buses just reported heavy traffic at 250 and 240 near Crozet too.I'm sure Skyline is nice right now.Right? #
  • RT @OldTrail: News Scoop: Thai Food coming to Crozet! [nifty. One less reason to go to C'ville!] #

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One Reply to “Brief Notes for 2009-08-30”

  1. Funny you should comment about the bike racks… As it happens, the first bike rack is being delivered today!

    Thanks for supporting Trailside Coffee and the Old Trail Village Center!

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