Brief Notes for 2009-09-06

  • RT @JimDuncan Blue Ridge Cohousing on WVTF #
  • RT @CommunitiesIntl: @tfjtolson Is the the Blue Ridge cohousing piece that you were asking @realcrozetva about? [thanks! #
  • RT @crozetmusicfest: Count down is on for the Crozet Music Festival! invite your friends and get your tickets soon. #
  • Anytime Fitness is surprisingly busy tonight. 4 people. 🙂 #
  • Apparently there is a police sting on Jarman's Gap and Crozet Avenue. Glad all other crime has been stopped. #
  • One lane road on 240 between Tabor and The Meadows. Be aware. #
  • @ancym Got it. Will try to get to it this evening in reply to ancym #
  • @tfjtolson Blue Ridge cohousing piece was by Sandy Hausman on WVTF. I can't find it anywhere on their site though in reply to tfjtolson #
  • RT @bakermonkey: The Moth is coming to Crozet.Anyone interested in going? [9/10 at 7pm at Mudhouse] #
  • Blue Ridge CoHousing on NPR right now #
  • Albemarle County schools sent home something discussing the "Pandemic Flu" rather than "Swine Flu" – Why? #fb #
  • RT @MaryBethBowen: @CNN gives props to Charlottesville's wineries. Crozet Pizza got a mention, too. Go C'ville! #
  • @ancym anyone who wants to write a story or send pictures for/to RealCrozetVa would be thanked loudly. 🙂 in reply to ancym #
  • We need a good bakery/patisserie in Crozet #

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