Brief Notes for 2009-10-18

  • Just saw, via the HooK, that Jamie Dwyer & Jamal Millner are playing at Fardowner's tonight. Sweet. #
  • RT @AnytimeFitnessC: Crozet Health & Wellness Fair, Sunday, Oct 18, 2 to 5 pm Crozet Baptist Church #
  • Trying out Anna's Pizza in Old Trail. Does this one have a # like the one in Charlottesville? #
  • Just noticed that the Subway is open in the Harris Teeter shopping center. Downtown Crozet better pick it up. #
  • Traffic cop at WAHS this morning must've been sleeping this morning. #
  • Nice that Google has the wrong phone number for the Crozet post office. #
  • Meeting about Crozet's growth tonight at 7pm at the Old Crozet School Be informed or be quiet. #
  • RT @crozeteyecare: Come see us at the 1st Annual Crozet Health Fair – Oct 18th from 2-5 at Crozet Baptist Church and… #
  • Paid my Realtor dues today. Being a Realtor for less than $600/year – priceless. #
  • RT @ACACFitness: ACAC Crozet Grand Opening is set for 10/26. We'll be open to the public to try us out for free the day! #
  • It's like a freaking library in the Crozet Mudhouse. Meeting clients & it's so quiet! #
  • RT @DailyProgress: RT @va_longhorn: accident at 250 240 split outside of crozet. lanes blocked. [bad accident?] #
  • RT @tdavidson: Cville, VA residents: how does/could/should Cville communities use online tools? (thx @jimduncan) #

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