Crozet Streetscape Money Called into Question

The recession is finding its way further into Crozet.

From Charlottesville Tomorrow:

Boyd expressed concern at the amount of money that the County has invested in the project. He said he was not sure if this was appropriate spending given the County’s ongoing budget issues.

“We have two master plans, and we seem to forget about the other one at Pantops that has absolutely no funding for it,” said Boyd. “At the same time, we’re throwing millions of dollars into Crozet.” Meanwhile, he pointed out that improvements called for in the Pantops Master Plan have not yet been funded.

Benish said many of the Pantops improvements are anticipated to be paid for with proffers from developers such as intersection improvements and at least $1 million in sidewalk improvements. Supervisor David Slutzky (Rio) pointed out that the Crozet Master Plan was adopted five years ago, whereas the Pantops Master Plan was only adopted in March 2008.

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22 Replies to “Crozet Streetscape Money Called into Question”

  1. On Wednesday, after seeing the results of the election, the first thought in my head was, say goodbye to Streetscape and any other projects in Crozet designed to manage growth in a responsible and effective manner. I hope this prophecy does not come true.

  2. They (the county) decided we would be the first growth area, then they raised the population above the 12,000 to a city of 24,000 BUT NOW they don’t want to pay for much needed infrastructure. That is what government does – it provides streets, sidewalks and other items that won’t be provided otherwise.
    Since becoming a growth area we have paid for A LOT of very expensive studies but when it comes to actually providing something – very little.
    My hope is that the new supervisors will take a fresh eye to just how much it costs it does to do things in this county due to the many layers of staff and regulations. That is where cost cuts can be made – don’t raise the price of all the applications – examine just why it costs $4,500 for a home business special use permit.

  3. Streetscapes is not essential to Crozet being a growth area. Just because
    you are for something does not make it true. David Slutzky is out. Do you
    realize how rare it is for a sitting Supervisor to lose?? Wasted money by
    Govt. benefits no one. Crozet will be fine without Streetscapes…

  4. I agree Edward – it isn’t essential but an ENORMOUS amount of money has already been spent on studies and prep work for the phase II. I would dump the whole project if they just agreed to keep the library at 2011 and same size. They have already done all the planning and architectural work for the library – changing things will cost a lot more.
    My point (which I didn’t make well) is that the county has spent more money on studies and consultants that actual improvements to the growth area. They told us they would finish up the paperwork for Crozet Historical area – now they tell us their historical person is overworked and they can’t do it. When will they actually provide or do something that will make a difference for us instead of studying it and consulting it? I hope the new BOS members realize this and address this problem.

  5. An enormous amount of money has been spent by people that do not know what they are doing. Thats the reason for all the studies… Keep your friends working, seem important and, do and produce nothing.
    I would be truly afraid of any project that they finally accomplished.
    Crozet cannot be a historical area if Streetscapes tears it up. A simple
    ballot question would answer any doubts about where the majority of
    feelings about this are. Perfectworld cannot be made by Local Govt.
    They have wasted more than any group of humans should be allowed.
    It is really time for them to show some integrity and resign.

  6. EDWARD I don’t understand you, and I don’t think I will!! YIKES
    Edward you can renovate historic areas and keep them looking historic!!
    Also, come on Edward it would be nice to walk the downtown if it had sidewalks!

  7. If you restore something old and historic you then have your version of
    something that you redone. Renovate, rewrite, whats the difference if you get what you want? Where is “downtown Crozet” and why can’t you walk through it? The sidewalks in Crozet were redone a few years back. What
    exactly do you require to be able to walk?? Streetscapes does nothing for
    so called historic areas…

  8. I don’t understand the concept of “walking to downtown”. I grew up in Brookwood (near Crozet Pool) and my friends and I walked “downtown” all the time..up Hilltop, down Tabor (sidewalk) and crossed Crozet Avenue (again, sidewalks there, too). Are you trying to have a sidewalk run from Miller School Road, Old Trail and White Hall into Crozet? Where do we draw the line?

    Just the other day, I walked from the downtown to St. George Avenue. Again, all sidewalks? I have never had any problem walking through the downtown area on a SIDEWALK!

    sJan-where do you live that you can’t walk downtown? It sounds like if you wanted to be able to walk everywhere you should have looked into living on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.

  9. Apparently if you don’t want thriving businesses destroyed so you and your latte liberal friends can get to 3 coffee shops within a block of each other by foot, doesn’t make me a Redneck (which I am assuming you are implying with your comment about Greene County)?

  10. Hehe. LOVE IT! You offended liberals, coffee drinkers (lattes are really just coffee and milk btw), rednecks and Greene County rednecks all in one sentence. Wait — aren’t rednecks typically conservative? You’re kind of a nihilist I guess.

  11. Elvis –you are nuts.

    I think the point is that Crozet has sidewalks. It is not necessary to turn Crozet upside down so you can walk a stroller for six miles.

    By the way, what exactly did YOU mean by saying that Greene County is dead?
    Thanks for the definition of latte by the way–whatever would we do without your insightful knowledge.

  12. Elvis is dead, Greene County is not. Considering that the same “something for nothing” crowd is moving there as well you probably have a lot more
    in common with them than you think…

  13. Alright, the last 7 comments are absolutely not contributing anything of value or substance to what used to be a great conversation. Please return to the topic or move on.


  14. Greene County is (relatively) dead. No plan. No infrastructure like Crozet. I know from experience.

    What exactly is the topic, Jim? And does it really matter what it is? Your website is great — but it will not bridge the gap between those “latte liberals” and whatever Ed Strauss is. When I buy my “plastic house” in Old Trail next year — gee, will my property tax money or the money that I spend at 3 coffee shops, Fardowners, Crozet Pizza, Dairy Queen, Mudhouse, Teeter, Otto’s etc etc be appreciated by the “hollas” of Albemarle County? “Something for nothing”? Seriously? Apparently I will be part of the problem the very second I move to Crozet. The divide cracks me up. Y’all really don’t know what you have. Growth is coming Ed, whether you want it to or not. At least you have an engaged group of Crozetians that are willing to fight for things like a vibrant downtown (and that includes Streetscapes — ever visit Gordonsville?), a Master Plan and a historic district (hint — these same people are also fostering a great sense of community). Otherwise you’re picking at Cville’s scaps and talking about how excited you are that a Mickey D’s is opening on Rockfish Gap. Take a seat at the table Ed — fear is consuming you and it really serves no purpose. A grown man that is afraid of sidewalks, flower pots and lamp posts — is a man that lives a very parochial life.

    I’m out, my friends! Been lurking for a while, now back to the holler. See y’all in the Old Trail pool next summer.

  15. You have alot of names for things. Is it based in reality or your own hope
    it comes true world. Growth has nothing to do with what you want. Just
    like Streetscapes does not preserve anything. We know what we have and
    you must not like it since you want to change it. Why buy into an area that
    you do not like and want to change? The vast majority of people in Crozet
    are not engaged in internet chat. What is historic in Crozet? The fact is
    that up to this point Crozet has lost more than you think that it can gain.
    That is the point, you require more to live here than you can contribute.
    Plenty of infrastructure in Virginia if that is what you have to have. Why burden us here? My table is fine, I don’t want a seat at yours…

  16. I’m a little confused as to what exactly is being debated on this site. There is talk of all that crozet has lost–and I’m sure much has been lost with all of the rapid growth of the last several years. But growth, and it’s associated losses will continue with or without master plans or streetscapes. Shouldn’t the conversation be about what are the Specific losses, and how best to plan growth to mitigate those specific losses?

  17. Crozet has lost jobs. Crozet has gained tract housing. Crozet has lost
    business. Crozet has gained multiple places that look far better than they actually are. Crozet is now a bedroom community where not too long ago
    was a thriving community. Growth is not bad. One house on two acre
    growth that cuts the developers out and maintains the integrity of an area
    works out best. You don’t have the infrastructure problems nor the desperate moves to remake an area in the hope of covering the real problems. Question: if you lost your jobs would you still live here?

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