Question from a Commenter – What has Crozet lost?

Rob asks:

There is talk of all that crozet has lost–and I’m sure much has been lost with all of the rapid growth of the last several years. But growth, and it’s associated losses will continue with or without master plans or streetscapes. Shouldn’t the conversation be about what are the Specific losses, and how best to plan growth to mitigate those specific losses?

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One Reply to “Question from a Commenter – What has Crozet lost?”

  1. Rob has identified some real concerns, and they are being actively addressed at the Crozet Town Meetings dealing with the Master Plan. I don’t know if he has attended the first two or not, but the next one will be at The Field School on December 17th, 7 PM, I believe. These meetings are aimed at up-dating the Crozet Master Plan, a process done every five years. The Crozet Community Advisory Committee working with the County is in charge of the update and revision. Last time we dealt with the downtown area and rezoning and had probably 75-100 people present. Anyone with suggestions about the future planning of Crozet should utilize these meetings as a place to enter their ideas and concerns.

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