4 Replies to “Road Conditions in Crozet”

  1. I just got excited because a bulldozer showed up to plow my road….but then they stopped and moved on. We do have a wider opening onto 250 but thats about all. Not a single employee can get out of their driveways…hopefully today will make a huge difference! good luck

  2. I am thinking of leaving ST. George Ave. in Crozet and making it to Valley Road in Charlottesville
    Please let me know if I am crazy or not.
    Oh yes, I have a Volvo with no 4 wheel drive and I would be traveling with my 8 yr old daughter .
    Thanks from anyone who has been out there !

  3. jarmon gap rd in crozet va has snow drifts that are at least a foot high in many places between greenwood and chiles peach orchard. many spots are packed snow turned into ice patches. impassable by my car (front wheel drive suburu wagon).

  4. Yes, the section of Jarman Gap from Lanetown Road through to Greenwood is dangerously blocked by drifts. Anyone know who to contact to get it plowed out? One man was just taken to the hospital with severe chest pains because he went into a drift and was trying to get himself out. What can I do to get the road cleared especially at the corner of Lanetown/HalfMile Branch/jarman Gap.

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