Crozet Business Networking Forum – 19 January

“The next meeting of the Crozet Business Networking Group will be next Tuesday, January 19th. This meeting we will learn about three businesses in the Old Trail Town Center: ACAC, Face Value Studio, and Trailside Coffee. We will meet at ACAC at 12:30 and end at Trailside Coffee where lunch may be purchased. I hope everyone will come out and network.”

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2 Replies to “Crozet Business Networking Forum – 19 January”

  1. Any other members of the Crozet Business Networking Group surprised by the format of this meeting? Not sure why the group needs to “learn about three business in Old Trail…” with a tour and everything?

  2. Anonymous –

    I agree with you on that point.

    Here’s a tour:

    – ACAC is a fitness facility.
    – Trailside Coffee is a great coffee shop.
    – Face Value Studio is a studio/salon/hair place.

    See you at 1. 🙂

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