Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-01-17

I was away this week, so the updates are a bit bare … two very pertinent stories are coming up that Crozet residents need to be aware of. Looking at the few tweets from this week, the first one stands out.

  • Astonished that my kid’s high school history teacher barely discussed Haiti in the “current events” segment of class on Thursday #schoolfail #
  • Dalucas looks pretty busy tonight. We’re having “daddy-daughter night” at Anna’s Pizza. #
  • RT @gingergermani: @realcrozetva You would have to be in NYC the day I needed to know not to take the interstate. [I am so sorry! :)] #
  • RT @thechrisbell: Playing a show in Crozet, VA at 8:30 PM today at Fardowners #
  • Crozet is getting a new bookstore – it’s going to be here – #
  • RT @nyrbclassics: Don’t know exactly where Crozet, Virginia is, but there’s a new indie bookstore opening there this spring @OvertheMoonBook #
  • Curious – how many people under 40 were at Steve Landes’ town hall in Crozet yesterday? #

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One Reply to “Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-01-17”

  1. Hey, did you all know that da Luca Cafe has started doing Saturday & Sunday brunch?
    Has anyone tried it out yet?

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