Crozet Library to Close?

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Both the Scottsville and Crozet libraries would close if Albemarle County moves ahead with a 10 percent budget reduction for the area’s regional library system, library officials warned Tuesday.

Leaders of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library say if the county imposes a 5 percent cut, the Scottsville Library will be closed, and 10 percent cuts “would force” the closure of the Crozet Library.

Update 21 January 2010:

Thanks to the commenters:

Because of tonight’s forecast of ice and snow, the meeting has been postponed til next Thursday, January 28 at 7 pm, still at the Field School. Hope to still see a big crowd next week!

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9 Replies to “Crozet Library to Close?”

  1. Now if that don’t beat ALL! Close the Crozet Library? If a library must be closed, then close one of the multiple branches in and around Charlottesville, NOT a branch in the outlying areas of the county. What are they thinking? Have MERCY!

  2. Literacy, who needs literacy? Can one really think that think economic development in the county is helped by shutting down Crozet public library, in the heart of their main growth area? Which realtor thinks he/she can spin this into increase in quality of life in Crozet? Anyone?

  3. Good grief.

    The Crozet area is positively BOOMING. Developments are all over the place, the population is way higher than it’s ever been, and they want to close the tiny, yet bustling and incredibly useful library? No way!

    Whoever came up with this not so brilliant idea deserves to be slapped silly. This is sheer nonsense.

  4. Funny how you equate a library with quality of life. Which do you prefer
    Streetscape, or, library? You cannot have it all… And the area is booming
    with overpriced tract housing. When the area was in balance with industry, jobs, and housing it made sense to spend what was needed to complete the area. Now, as a bedroom community let the faux rich pay for
    their own amusement… You expect govt. to do it all for you. If the community really wants a library there is such a thing as fund raising for
    it. That involves more than just complaining though.

  5. Mr. Strauss, I must respectfully disagree with you. The County designated Crozet as a growth area, not the builders of overpriced tract housing. The County approved and cheered the development of a bedroom community to provide tax revenue for the entire county. In my mind, the County has the responsibility to support its decision by providing the essentials of the community, such as a library, schools, roads, and the necessary infrastructure. A community bakesale isn’t a sound development strategy.

  6. What can Crozetians do to keep the library? Email or write the Board of Supervisors and tell them what you think about them closing our [email protected] or write to Ann H. Mallek, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Representing the White Hall District

    Contact Information:
    Ann H. Mallek
    White Hall Supervisor
    P.O. Box 207, Earlysville, Virginia 22936
    Home: 434-978-1150
    Email: [email protected]

    Any other ideas?

    Crozet community, let’s not let this happen to OUR library!

  7. Neither you or I know if the County cheered about Crozet but, some facts for you. Library funding has increased every year since 2006. if the Library folks chooses to hold their breath and close down over a small
    decrease in their funding well, see ya. Don’t come back. School children
    should not really be effected since Crozet area schools have libraries.
    Crozet had a Library before it became a bedroom community. At no time did the County promise to keep a library in Crozet. Nor did they promise alot of the things you think that we should have. Look up the meaning of
    “Growth Area”. Bedroom Communities contribute far less overall than
    balanced areas with jobs and industry. You could not afford to live here
    working a single job in Crozet. And really, If you people could try to read
    the facts about what you write, the BOS is not going to close the library.
    The Jefferson Madison Regional folks are the ones throwing the fit…

  8. I have emailed the BOS, but what else can we do? Certainly there is some action that we can take – fundraising, etc. – to keep the landmark around?

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