Agenda for tonight’s Crozet Community Forum

Please participate folks – those who do voice their opinions may or may not share your points of view.

Crozet Master Plan 2009 Update-Community Forum IV
January 28, 2010; 7-9pm at the Field School
County-wide LI Study
1.       Welcome & Introduction (Mike Marshall, Chairman of the Crozet Community Advisory Council)
2.       County Staff Presentation
a.       LI Inventory & Study Recommendations
                                                              i.      Background
                                                            ii.      Summary of findings & recommendations
Maintain/protect and allow easier use of existing zoned industrial properties
o   Designate lands in the Development Area currently zoned industrial on the Land Use Plan as Industrial Service or Office/R&D/Flex
o   Amend Zoning Code
Increase the inventory of zoned lands available and potentially on market
o   Zoning map amendments to rezone lands designate Industrial Service or Office/R&D/Flex to industrial
o   Designate additional Industrial Service or Office/R&D/Flex in Southern Urban Areas Master Plan or with update of the Comprehensive Plan [including with Crozet Master Plan update]
b.      Suggested Revision to Crozet Master Plan (including possible land use changes)
c.       Group Discussion (Mike Marshall)
3.       Recommendations that potentially affect the Yancey Mills Area
a.       LI Study Recommendations for Interstate Interchange Policy (County Staff)
                                                              i.      Consistent with Growth Management Policy, allow certain lower impact industrial/industrial-like/rural support businesses in the Rural Areas at Interstate Interchanges
b.      CPA 2008-002 Yancey Mills Business Park
                                                              i.      Background of County Review & Action to-date (County Staff)
                                                            ii.      Applicant’s Yancey Proposal (Will Yancey)
c.       Group Discussion (Mike Marshall)
4.       Upcoming Activities: CCAC will meet January 28, 2010 at The Meadows to consider public comment from this meeting; Board of Supervisors LI Work Session scheduled for February 3, 2010
5.       Closing and next steps
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