Blockbuster Movies in Crozet

Well, only a kiosk.

A Blockbuster kiosk in Crozet

Blockbuster shut down their stores in CharlottesvilleRedbox is in the Harris Teeter … (even though Hollywood is working against Redbox) I can’t see myself paying (I didn’t before) $4 for a Comcast On-Demand movie now.

Thank you to the reader for pointing this out to me. If you ever have a tip or story idea, please let me know!

Update 31 January 2010:

Just a little bit more on Blockbuster’s kiosks, courtesy of Read Write Web: Blockbuster Kiosks: Still a Bad Idea

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4 Replies to “Blockbuster Movies in Crozet”

  1. I agree about Maupins’. Let’s support our local business owners and not a corporate box. Plus I agree with Ron about the personal touch and I always see someone I know in there!

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