From a Reader – Snowy Roads in Crozet

“I was wondering what other roads in Crozet do not get touched for a couple of days after snow ? Tabor, High and Park seem to be overlooked everytime. There have been at least 6 cars stuck on High Street since yesterday morning, most recently 2 of them at 4:00 this morning. I really wish VDOT would get on a faster ball for the back roads since the main roads have been cleared for a while.”

As an aside, Albemarle County Schools are closed tomorrow (2 February) and it looks like we’re going to have more snow tomorrow and this weekend. Stock up, people!

This is a video I took today on 810:

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17 Replies to “From a Reader – Snowy Roads in Crozet”

  1. Hmm, everybody expects clean roads i.e. public services but elect county and state leaders who do not believe in public service and levying taxes to pay for them. You get what you vote for. Severely underfunded VDOT is expected to keep our public roads clean? Maybe they can if they are still being on the paytoll and not laid off by now.
    So, we like to have our kids in school and clean roads so we can go to work. But then we can’t because public service is a “welfare” style waste of our heard earned money, right?

  2. Sorry about the typos (payroll and hard). One of the roads used by several hundreds of families not mentioned is Rt 691, i.e. Jarmans Gap Road. It is heavily traveled, bumpy, curvy and treacherous in places with lots of slush and compacted snow. I saw plow trucks on Sunday driving on the already crispy clean 240 and 250, but these trucks clearly ignored the other roads that connect the neighborhoods to the main ones. So there must be a concerted effort NOT to provide this service.

  3. Ron

    If you feel like you are not paying enough taxes please write them an addtional check. I am sure they would accept it.

  4. If there are trucks out plowing and they are not getting to the roads you think they should, well, that has nothing to do with funding. I expect that
    VDOT will tell you the hundreds of families you claim on Rt 691 simply
    do not exist. This is how the roads are taken care of after it snows. Were
    you promised something else?

  5. No reason to get snippy. The fact is that Rt 691 is the main access road for Grayrock, Waylands Grant, Orchard Acres, and now part of Old Train. Easily hundres of families use that road daily. And for the record, I fishtailed there the other night because of snow and ice that had not yet been plowed. Thankfully I didn’t hit anything, or anyone.
    I also disagree with you about the funding. If VDOT has a reduced budget, that will impact the number of trucks they can put out on the road, as well as the number of drivers that can employe. It has everything to do with funding.

  6. The VDOT budget and the money for snow removal are two different things. If trucks are out and do not get to the roads that you want does
    not mean there is a budget problem. You could actually call VDOT and
    find out why the roads you want plowed are lower priority. Probably becauses your numbers are way off. If hundreds use Jarmans Gap, I guess
    millions use Rt. 250. Fishtailed?? Type of vehicle, driving skill, desperate
    need to add color to or add drama to your point? Snow and Ice are slick.
    Drive accordingly, especially if you know about it…

  7. Edward loves to be snippy again. I wonder does it stroke your ego to respond in such an arrogant way? If you think our numbers are off (number of families living off JGR) feel free to come by and count the residencies. Sort of your personal census. And, please provide VDOT’s phone number, I am happy to call. Also I would appreciate if you can tell what funding provides road clearing if it is not from VDOT’s budget.

  8. Would be alot more money if some idiot officials decided not to purchase land for a state park.Just another edition of corrupt government.

  9. We are moving to Crozet this weekend (weather permitting). I have heard a number of different totals for the amount of snow that is going to fall in Crozet. Can someone tell me what the local stations are forecasting?

    Thank you,


  10. Jamie,
    Poor thing, you have rotten timing. The last snow total I heard this morning was between 16-24 inches falling between Friday am and Saturday pm. Best of luck in your move.

  11. Jamie –

    Welcome. And we’re sorry that you’re moving this weekend. The last I heard was 20-28 inches.

    I’m thinking the weather won’t be permitting much of anything this weekend.

  12. Hmm… Just because I do not agree makes me snippy? So be it. Considering that you are using the internet it should not be hard to find
    a phone number for VDOT. And, I do not enjoy this very unusual weather
    but, why cry about it on the net? Vehicles tend to slide around on slick roads wherever you are. The point is, this is the reality of the area you live in. I remember coming home from school in 1969 looking at roads that looked like what we had this past December. We have not made any progress in this area. Knowing this I still choose to live here.
    As far as funding for snow removal. Do you think that they will only clear
    roads with VDOT funds? Then close VDOT if we continue to get record breaking snow? Get educated, the internet can be your friend… I think that the County should take responsibility for some of the mess they created. Allowing tract housing before the required infrastructure was
    in place is proving to be very stupid indeed.

  13. Thank you Jim and Amy for your responses! We think we are not going to leave NC until Sunday for sure. Thanks for the information. We really appreciate it.


  14. from NBC29:
    “VDOT budgeted $79 million for snow and ice removal this winter. After last weekend’s storm, that money is all gone. Now, the state is using a $25 million emergency reserve fund, but that, too, is expected to disappear by Sunday.”

  15. Exactly. And, by declaring a state of emergency they state will probably
    get some federal funds. VDOT will not go broke and close just because it snows…

  16. Edward Strauss,
    This is the last time I bite. VDOT has exhausted its budget for snow removal. Some funds may be available from the feds/state. But that money won’t cover the entire cost, forcing the state to use money earmarked for other items to make up the difference VDOT will do its job, but the budget funds that could have been used to repair the roads will be used. Hence, road, bridge repair will be pushed back-again. So the budget crisis this community is facing just got worse, services will be eliminated, up-keep will not occur, and our quality of life will deteriorate. Now go ahead and tell me how my facts and arguments are all wrong. It won’t matter, because I will not respond again.

  17. Amy, whether you respond or not is your choice but, how will your quality of life deteriorate? if you cannot describe how or even what services will be cut or whatever your talking about. How could the state
    have possibly budgeted for this years snowfall? Some years money is returned to the budget that is not used. Does your quality of life improve then? Your were complaining about the condition of the roads, now you
    are worried about something else. Relax, everything will be fine, the snow
    will leave and your quality of life will be what you make it.

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