The Last Crozet Master Plan Revision Forum is tonight

A reminder that the last Crozet Master Plan Revision Forum is Thursday, February 18, at 7:00 PM in the Field School (Old Crozet Elementary)

The format will be the same as for the other forums. The County staff will provide information on

1. what the land use changes reflect for population,
2. any changes to the use at the northwest corner of Route 250 and Crozet Avenue (Ploumis property),
(Ms. Ploumis made a formal Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) request, so it must be brought before the public formally at a meeting with time to allow her the opportunity to speak, as was done for Will Yancey and his CPA request last month.)
3. and potential industrial designations for the properties discussed at the last meeting.

You can email your comments directly to the county planner for the Crozet area, Ms. Rebecca Ragsdale.

The CCAC would appreciate you send us a copy as well, so we understand and are aware of our neighbors viewpoints so we can more accurately represent them. So I respectfully request if you send comments to Ms. Ragsdale, to copy me on the submission.




1. Welcome & Introduction (Mike Marshall, Chairman of the Crozet Community Advisory Council)

2. County Staff Presentation –

a) Community Forums Recap & Summary of recommended improvements to the master plan
10/09-Residential Density
12/09-Transportation, Parks/Greenways, Community Facilities/Services
1/10-Local Business & Economic Development (Light Industrial & Yancey Mills)

b) Land Use Map Changes
# Review updated land use colors and changes to land use map, including industrial categories
# Consideration of CPA 07-02 Ploumis for small scale commercial (ex. Garden center)
at northwest corner of Route 250/240 Intersection
# Population Issues

3. Upcoming Activities: CCAC Meeting on March 18, 2010; Planning Commission meeting in April

4. Closing and next steps: May 2010 Community Meeting to review draft updated master plan

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