Curious About Jarman’s Gap Road Improvement Plans?

Start by looking at the PDF showing what they’re planning to do, read about how much (more) they are delayed, and know that “VDOT is 99% complete with obtaining the right-of-way”.

I’m still working on gathering more information … suffice it to say if you live on Jarman’s Gap Road (or are considering buying a house fronting on Jarman’s Gap) changes will be happening. Someday.

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4 Replies to “Curious About Jarman’s Gap Road Improvement Plans?”

  1. Looking at VDOT’s details, its tough to determine how much land is needed. I think there is a ditch on both sides of road (??) that i hope will be covered by the new road so the least amount of land is utilized. Bike lane Also? is this really required? This only takes up more existing land and can’t riders ride on the new sidewalk? I know cville needs bike lanes, but not sure taking away’s existing property land is the time to enforce bike lanes in that area.

    1. newbe –

      Absolutely we need the bike lanes. One of the community’s goals is for connectivity between neighborhoods/areas and bike lanes – for community, health, transportation needs.

      If we don’t do it now, when would we?

      Also, from my perspective as a Realtor (and Crozet homeowner), having a walkable/bikeable community increases property values – something I would think we all agree is a good thing.

  2. I live off Jarman’s Gap road. Whether or not people “should” be biking there, they ARE biking there. It is extremely dangerous. The site lines are poor to non-existent, and there is nowhere to go for either bikes or cars to avoid an accident. I generally drive 10-15 mph below the speed limit because I don’t want to be the one to kill a cyclist or pedestrian. And believe me, someone is going to be killed. There are other roads in town that are attractive for exercise, or as alternative transportation (biking/walking) routes for those without cars, that have the same problems. By the way, having cyclists on the sidewalk is VERY dangerous for both the cyclists and pedestrians. I think especially some of our older pedestrians would be at risk for serious injury, and it takes agility to jump out the way when cyclists come flying down the sidewalk/path.

  3. We need bike lanes and sidewalks! Do you know how fast one can walk into town- seems faster than driving actually. Did it several times when the cars were minimal during snow storms. It was fun and fast. People WILL use them if they are built.

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