Where is this Neighborhood in Crozet?

Kid-Friendly Neighborhood

Do you know? Where is this neighborhood in Crozet?

Sure, it’s a good safety display, but from my point of view as a Realtor, it’s enormously useful.

Did you know?

So a broker who says something like, “There are tons of little kids in this building neighborhood — it’s really family friendly” could be accused of specifically steering families to the building and driving people without children away from it.

* Editor’s note: I inserted “neighborhood”

For this post, as it is about real estate, I will disclose again that I am a Realtor who lives in Crozet.

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2 Replies to “Where is this Neighborhood in Crozet?”

  1. Western Ridge : )
    A great neighborhood with lots of young families plus us older folks who enjoy being part of the mix.

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