6 Replies to “Walking to School – Do you Do it?”

  1. Sure, if only there was a sidewalk! But we live in a nation where automobiles are considered the only means of transportation to consider….. Admittedly, new developments do get sidewalks now but the main roads to the schools do not.
    By the way, how are the school buses deal with the impending closure for 2 weeks of the Jarman’s Gap road-Route 240 closure? Just wondering.

    1. From where I live, we walk 90% of the way on sidewalks. The only place without them is a little stretch on Tabor, so it’s an easy walk.

      School buses on Jarman’s Gap during the closure – that’ll be interesting.

      1. Yes, there is a small part of (downtown) Crozet lucky to have sidewalk access to Crozet Elementary, but that is about it. Most of us look at narrow roads with little or no shoulder and cars driving usually to fast. As for Brownsville, Henley and Western: we really need extension if sidewalks and bike trails so students can transport themselves in a safe way. But this is Virginia, so I am not counting on anything sensible.

  2. What’s the status of the sidewalk grant Crozet received to much fan fare in the spring and why haven’t they started those improvements ?

    That is what was suppose to add sidewalks and a crosswalk for the a lot of homes . Is it going to be like the streetscaping II project – 2.5 yrs behind schedule and counting ??

  3. Has anyone walked parts of old trails lately? Sidewalks only exist in front of the homes being built, however next door on a vacant lot would be no sidewalk. It looks strange. Very strange. I guess i would of thought the developer of the land (ie. not the builder) would put those in place to make the area more appealing. I know when i relocated to cville a few years ago, that is the one of the first thing that came to my attention – the lack of sidewalks.

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