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  1. Amazing fireworks…went shopping at Harris Teet… watched the show from the parking lot with a crowd… nobody wanted to go in to shop….I finally did, came out- it was still going on… as if they went and bought more and more to keep it going! Better than 4th of July for sure!

  2. Wasn’t able to make the parade but loved the photos. I love seeing all the small businesses and local organizations out and about. And could you have asked for a better day? Wish I was able to have been there.

    Just from the photos, I am a little curious as to why Perriello and Harding were the only politicians to show up? Or did I miss the other polticans/candidates’ presences in the parade? Were they at the park afterward? I remember when every politician in VA would show up for the Crozet 4th of July parade (horseback Gov Allen), and its not like there were a lot of other parades/events goign on to compete with our parade.

    Perriello is from Ivy, so maybe that’s why he was there but what were Hurt and Clark thinking by not showing up in Crozet!? Maybe we don’t have enough of a support base here or did Crozet just get skipped over?

      1. Hurt is not from this area. The 5th district is large and I doubt that Crozet is considered vital. I hope you do not vote based on whether a person shows up for a free event or not. Just because Hurt does not
        make an appearence in Crozet does not mean he is not doing anything.
        Just as not going to the CVFD event but watching the fireworks from
        afar does not mean that you do not support the CVFD…

  3. Thanks for the responses. I’m just glad the parade and fireworks turned out nicely. It was a big recovery from the disappointment of the 4th this year. Any word on what the plans are for next year? I hope we reverse the trend, skip “summer fest”, and get back the the 4th of July parade and carnival (and a profitable one!)

    So here are my impressions: Clark seems to be willing to show up even though he doesn’t have the resources of a political party, Perriello seems to be everywhere at once, and Hurt doesn’t seem to attend anything and seems to think Crozet isn’t important, as Ed put it.

    Maybe that’s the problem with the system. We need more debates, public forums, and public participation and fewer TV commercials (which seem to be the only format).

    That being said, when will Clark, Hurt, and Perriello be debating, or visiting Crozet? Jim, do you think you could put out a call on the blog? Maybe other people would like to see a debate or at an event together in front of the Crozet community? Probably would be near to impossible but we are voters and constituents, if we’re not paid attention to now, who’s gonna pay attention to us once they’re elected?

    1. Perriello desperately needs to win Charlottesville/Albemarle. Hurt does not. The odds of seeing Hurt here are about the same as Perriello
      showing up in small communities around Danville. It is called politics.
      Make a large donation to Hurt and he might show up to thank you…

  4. My few cents in this political thread:
    Perriello actually shows he cares about representing the people and shows it. He is all over the 5th district. Hurt? Not a single bit. He is just a partisan fear-monger R-style as we get showered with through their propaganda networks (Fox News etc). Hurt’s absence and lack of effort could also indicate a deep arrogance and contempt for the people he thinks he will be “representing” by not taking any effort to interact or engage. I do not buy Edward’s “desperation” take on this. And making a large donation for someone to show up exposes Edward for what he is: a sole believer in corruption and bribery as the politics-du-jour. Money talks and ONLY money talks: why not rewrite the constitution , of the money by the money and for the money. You are not rich, well too bad, your voice does not count.

    1. You are too full of yourself to know or understand what anyone stands for or believes. It is so easy from behind a keyboard, isn’t it? Periello,
      for two years now has showered us with TV ads telling us what he does.
      Should’nt his actions be self evident? Where does his money come from to afford all this? Perriello is a desperate little man clinging to
      something he is just not any good at. With any luck he will be out of
      his misery after election day. Hurt does not do much up here the same way that Perriello does not in the Souther part of the district. The
      truth might bother you but, you can not change it.

      1. Silly old man. Your thread is full of inaccuracies. Or shall I say lies? I know what Tom Perriello is doing, or has done, and have listened to him in radio interviews etc etc etc. Desperate? Your take on him sounds “desperate” to me. No need to comment further, that is pointless.

  5. Your point? Or, opinion is as full of lies or inaccuracies as ever one that has been written. The pointless part is that you actually believe in a
    Politician. A very poor one at that. The truth will be in November. But,
    cheer up, you can always make something up and then blame it on somebody…

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