Bangkok Thai ’99 Now Open in Crozet! 823-5881

Update 15 October 2010:

Bangkok Thai ’99 now has a website … with menu and take-out menu. The site’s a work in progress, but I know that everyone I’ve talked to simply wanted to see the menu. So … have a look at Bangkok ’99’s menu.

Now Open!

Crozet is getting more self-sufficient all the time …

Bangkok Thai '99 Open in Crozet

And Bankok Thai ’99’s phone number is 823-5881. I had takeout from Bankok Thai ’99 on Saturday and they were so busy that they didn’t have time to figure out their phone number for me. Huge thanks to the guy who called and told me their phone number!

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11 Replies to “Bangkok Thai ’99 Now Open in Crozet! 823-5881”

  1. We had take out on Sunday and it was pretty good. They had a few tables filled and three people waiting for to go orders. It’s just pretty nice to have another option in Crozet. I’ll eat here again.

  2. Just tried Bangkok 99 in Crozet. I’m a Thai food fan; love Drunken Noodle. Their’s equals the best in Charlottesville (at downtown Thai). Was there for take out Wednesday night. They were busy (good) and the service was slow, but this is their first week and I don’t think they were prepared for the rush. Excellent staff. Apps were good too; we had Spring Rolls and Thai Dumplings. I’m a VERY picky foodie and ex-chef, and I give this new place 1 and a half thumbs up. I will eat there again next week.

    1. Kind of — – I believe it’s her sister that runs Thai ’99

      We ate there this week very good – allow lots of time even for take out I think they have been overwhelmed with lots of customers.

  3. Food was excellent! Loved the Pad Khing, dumplings and Panang. Service was a little slow but it is the first week… totally understandable. They were also very busy, most of the tables were filled and they had several ppl. waiting for take out. We will definitely be eating there again, loved it!

  4. I know the chef of this place he used to cook at Thai 99 and than at Tara Thai on baracks. He is an excellent chef and a great guy.
    The owner of Thai 99 is also the owner of Bangkok 99 together these two run an amazing restaurant. EVERYBODY GO TO BANGKOK 99 YOUR MIND AND TASTE BUDS WILL BE BLOWN TO PIECES!!!!!!!

  5. The food is good. I just hope they organize a little better. They tried to give the best service they could, just could not handle the volume. This lead to a delay in the food arriving at our table. I would eat there again.

  6. I ordered take out twice over the last week and both times it was ready within 15 minutes and waiting for me when I arrived. I love Thai food and must say that Bangkok meets my standards. The tofu Pad Thai is fabulous! Definitely eating there again.

  7. We’ve been to Bangkok 99 twice (for me, more often for my dinner partner who has lived in the area a while).  I’d never had sweet & sour like Thai sweet & sour!  It’s REAL food, not glossy’d up fast food!  And the coconut soup is delicious.  We’ll be back!

  8. Great food. WORST SERVICE IN TOWN. I’ve been three time and have gotten the delicious pad Thai, but can’t go again after last nights experience. The waitress argued with the man at the table next to me when she was clearly wrong, and my food took 45 minutes to come out. No joke- worst service I had ever had. Ever

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