Friday Chart – Number of Real Estate Transactions in Crozet

Over at my real estate blog, I run a series of “Friday Charts” – graphically looking at the real estate market. I thought it might be interesting to look at the number of real estate transactions in Crozet over the past 10 years. “Crozet” defined by homes in the Brownsville and Crozet Elementary School districts.

If we wipe out that peak, we might find that we’re approaching normalcy. And normalcy might be about 120-140 transactions a year.

More data here. Ignore the list-to-sell ratio. It’s likely junk.

Disclosure: I am a Realtor, who lives in Crozet, who lives and breathes this stuff. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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3 Replies to “Friday Chart – Number of Real Estate Transactions in Crozet”

  1. In the 2005 peak w/ 250 homes sold, where the majority of home sales due to a completion of a specific subdivision or spread out around Crozet?

    1. Of the 317 that sold in Crozet in 2005:

      – 119 were built in 2005
      – 56 in 2004
      – 6 in 2003
      – 7 in 2002
      – 7 in 2001

      A quick scan of the 119 shows:

      Parkside Village
      Clover Lawn
      Old Trail
      Waylands Grant
      Bargamin Park
      Western Ridge
      Waylands Grant

      Provided the vast majority of those 119.

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