Great Pizza in Crozet – Thanks for Noticing, USA Today

Thanks, USA Today.

Homemade dough, a perfect combination of sauce and spices, and a near endless list of toppings make Crozet Pizza in Crozet (15 miles west of Charlottesville) a destination for pie lovers. The appetizing ambience of the cozy shop is enhanced by a wood stove, a screen door that gently slaps closed with the arrival of each customer and the majestic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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10 Replies to “Great Pizza in Crozet – Thanks for Noticing, USA Today”

  1. Notice who nominated it? A Richmond newspaper guy. These endless lists
    and rankings are just that, endless. How would you react to a great realtor
    list? And, if you were not on it?

    1. Me? I like Anna’s. 🙂

      Lists are what they are – subjective lists and opinions by others. Big freaking deal.

      I think it’s cool that they’re on the list. Maybe we’ll get some tourist dollars out of the list. Then we all benefit.

      And I’ve been on the top Realtors’ lists. I use that fact when possible, leave it off when not, and do my very best regardless.

      The lists are relevant to those they are relevant to. To those that they’re not, they’re not.

      I could say, I’m the best Damn Realtor in Crozet! and if I wasn’t, people would know.

      1. Tourist dollars? Sorry, I have not given up on the idea that we do not
        have to settle on being a bedroom community. But, in case we do we
        could start a Crozet trolley that could do a loop up New St and down around Crozet ave. Have one going in each direction to minimize waiting.

        You do deserve credit though for allowing the free discussion of ideas
        and opinions here. Seems like the other bunch who claim to represent
        local people do not.

        1. Believe it or not, we do get quite a few tourists here – King Family, Crozet Pizza, Starr Hill Brewery and so many more “tourist attractions” that have the benefit of being accessible to us all the time.

          I love having them here. If tourists want to come, spend their money and leave, (or buy a house from me 🙂 ) more the better.

        2. If anyone can diverge a blog thread of a A local Pizza eatery receiving a little bit of national press back to a topic of the evil bedroom community tract homes, its you Edward.

          1. If you need lists to guide your life thats fine. If you would read my first comment you would see words other than what you complain about.
            One person inspired lists mean nothing. Are we that desperate??

  2. Sal’s Pizza is the one for me, still. That is also where the local folks keep going, including the cops and the volunteer rescue squad crew. I still have bad memories of Crozet Pizza truly ruining the take out pizzas I ordered back in 2000, and charging a lot for it.

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