This Thursday, Ann Mallek will Announce her Candidacy for Re-Election

Via press release:

The district announcement will be at the Crozet Community Association meeting at 7:30 PM, Thursday, at the Old Crozet School auditorium.?

Following the announcement, the candidate will be available for interviews. ?

Ann Mallek has served as the White Hall Supervisor since January 2008. She has focused on representation, hosting fifteen town halls in the three years, listening to and speaking out for citizens in the district. She worked with Crozet residents on passage of the downtown zoning district and the successful revision of the master plan that protects the character of their small town. She led ordinance changes for off-farm sales for farmers. In April, 2010, citizens in the northern end of the district celebrated the opening of the new Advance Mills Bridge, reuniting the community and providing timely emergency medical and fire services to residents north of the river.
Mallek pushed for emphasis on locally owned enterprises and rural economic success in the newly adopted Economic Vitality Plan. In 2011 the review of the comprehensive plan will need the attention of all residents to discuss regulations for bed and breakfasts, historic tourism and other topics.?Mallek assures her voters, “open government is not a slogan but a way of life.”

I know this – when I call Ann, she answers and listens. That’s pretty much all I can ask of any politician. More power to her for running again.

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8 Replies to “This Thursday, Ann Mallek will Announce her Candidacy for Re-Election”

  1. Hmm… When my phone rings I’ll answer and listen if nothing else to see who it is. The fact you call her Politician says enough for me.nnOne term for her is more than enough…

    1. I’m not sure what to call someone who runs for and wins an elected office. Politician seems to fit. nnAs far as answering the phone, not all do. Heck, I screen my calls when I can. And I tend to google unknown numbers before I answer.

      1. Fair enough. To me someone who is elected to office is either someone who represents you or is a politician. Her indirect stlye, defering to unelected boardsnand consultants, no clear agenda and, the wearing out of the political buzzwords of the day shows me she is Politician. She helped Crozet residents protect the historical character of their small town? Crozet is not a town and what was protected? And, when I here my phone ring, like a trained dog, I answer it…

  2. Good for her! She is definitely the most sane, level-headed, and responsive person on the BOS, no matter what Eddie Strauss says in the thread. I think it is a plus that she does not have an agenda, as some of the Repugnicans on the board (which are often not good for the citizens here, and a sign of dominant narcissism), she deals with the issues effectively as they come along. I thought that Edward would appreciate that the most, just like having Crozet develop itself in a natural unforced manner…..

    1. But, Crozet is not being developed in a natural unforced manner. What you say isnpositive about her lack of agenda I say that she does not have a clue. She just goesnalong until she can find something to latch on to. Shifting her responsibility to an unelected board shows her disinterest or ignorance in her core duties. Since younseem interested in what republicans do I think this person would make Sarah Palinnpround with the way she can deflect…

    2. Enough with the name calling (e.g. Repugnicans) and the personal attacks (e.g. dominant narcissism). Get civil with your comments or don’t comment at all.

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