20 Replies to “Do you “Like” RealCrozetVA?”

  1. I actually do like it. I hear about things sometimes shortly after they happen. I also like knowing how people feel about a variety of topics. I learn about things from a different perspective in the process.

      1. JimnnYou are to be commended for the time and effort you put into this website. It is great for the community!!

  2. I read it all the time. I haven’t quite figured out how to really utilize it, being a late-arrival in the social media scene.

  3. It’s a needed service that could stand to expand and grow with more current news and events. The Gazette is great for past news but being monthly, current news and events aren’t covered very well. You site fills that need somewhat, but could stand more useage.

  4. I agree with the other posts, it’s a wonderful way to get news and along with The Crozet Gazette gives the community one more way to have a unique identity.

  5. The site is great. I just wish you would define just where is “RealCrozet”:) Don’t you go including Greenwood, Freetown, Brownsville, or White Hall when you try to keep us up to date of the areas activities. 🙂

    1. I like hearing about those very small communities as part of RealCrozet. We have the local high school and middle school in Crozet, but they serve a larger community. It is good for us to have a format to hear from others very close by. Since we are not an incorporated town with town boundaries, it is impossible to be exclusive.

  6. Good stuff! A geat way to hear others opinions and local agenda.nnI like the in depth video camera you use jim. Also like the mobile format.

  7. I think that you have taken a page out of Real Estate 101, which is to get yourself out there and be known, and gone a step further. As I have said before, allowing the full range of opinions puts you way out front of the rest…nnImagine if instead of sinking money into empty new streets and other nonsense we provided community wide wifi. Yes, free wifi. The 6 millionninvested in a new library building could bring us with years and years of freenwifi. Instead of going to a building to get stuff you could have the digitalncontent sent to your home. Reserve your books online, pick up at thendrive up window. It would put us out there as an example for CentralnVirginia and miles around. Realtors could drool with the thought of granitencounter tops, stainless steel appliances and, Free WiFi…nnWarning, this was not a vision. Just a plain old simple thought.n

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