RealCrozetVA’s “Crozet” Defined

Responding to this comment:

… just wish you would define just where is “RealCrozet”:) Don’t you go including Greenwood, Freetown, Brownsville, or White Hall when you try to keep us up to date of the areas activities. 🙂

From Downtown Crozet to Old Trail to 250 West, to Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton and some points west, to Freetown to Batesville Store, to Beaver Creek, to the White Hall Store, to Chiles Orchard. And anywhere else that piques my interest or touches Crozet.

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13 Replies to “RealCrozetVA’s “Crozet” Defined”

  1. You know I was kidding, right. I just find it interesting that some are so concerned with the legal limits to “Crozet.” Everyone I know refers to the general area you described as Crozet. I understand that there are historical identities that people enjoy and cling to. That is great. But when someone says they live in Crozet, I assume it could be anywhere in that general area. Thanks for all you do around ther

  2. Don’t forget all of us out here in Croz-“B” as we call it! Our mailing address is Crozet but we are 10+ miles away!

    1. And the people in a lot who live in sub divisions have Charlottesville addresses, 15 miles away with Ivy in the middle!

  3. I always thought it was interesting the way the Crozet mail is delivered. I’d like to see a postal map of the Crozet area, see how they define our community.

    1. Not to mention to say how much money they could save if they closed the Afton, Greenwood, and other small offices they have around the area and concentrated the operations for Western Albemarle at the Crozet office.

      1. Please don’t close the White Hall PO. It is open 7:30 in the morning and on Sat. morning. It is the only way I can ship packages since those services aren’t offered before I go to work in Crozet.

        1. Which is exactly why it should be closed. If the Crozet office had reasonable office hours and was open on Saturdays all of those services would be available to you and everyone else. As it is now, only the small and inaccessible offices (see my comment above) are open early and on Saturdays. The largest and most centrally located office has terrible business hours and does not serve the community.

          1. Crozet is not open @ 7:30 am. What is central to you is probably remote to a great number of people. Crozet is open 8:00 to 5:00. What is terrible about that??

      2. I don’t think you understand the broad area these other offices cover. Crozet, with it’s shrinking hours and level of service could not keep up with it all. Do you realize that there is a lot more to Western Albemarle than Crozet???

        1. Edward, let me fill you in on the hours of the Western Albemarle post offices. You can find the link here: Unionn M-F: 8-Noon, 1-4:30n Sat: ClosednnWhite Halln M-F: 7:30-12:30, 1:-3:30n Sat: ClosednnGreenwoodn M-F: 8-Noon, 1-4:30n Sat: ClosednnAftonn M-F: 8-Noon, 1-4:30n Sat: ClosednnCrozetn M-F: 9-5n Sat: ClosednnSo, what other businesses have locations in Crozet and each of the other other towns? Answer: none. Why, because when they serve the largest population center in Western Albemarle (Crozet), they also are serving the other communities. And why would they close the Crozet location on Saturdays, that is a TERRIBLE business decision!nnSo I’ll ask you a question: When the USPS is losing around $8 billion a year, why keep each of those locations open?

          1. nnnnnnnFirst off these are communities not towns. And, if you ever went to any of them you would seenwhat business exists there. Mail is still deliverednin Crozet on Saturday’s. Window service did notnjustify keeping it open. An actual SMART business decision. As far as the other locationsnyou need to do some more research. Most haventheir own postal routes and carriers. They cover a wide area that Crozet could not handle. You need to go to the above mentioned communitiesnand explain to them how you feel that Crozet isnmore important than they are and you want their Post office to close. I expect that you willnget educated then…

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