“Library Avenue” – Lacking a New Library, of Course

We just need a library.

Thanks to Tim for posting this: (update 19 May 2016 – Boo. this is a dead link)

From: “Elaine Echols”

To: “CCAC”
Subject: Question about naming Library Avenue

Week before last you [CCAC] asked us [county staff] to provide some info on how Library Avenue goes about getting that name. I’ve worked with our Addressing staff to get you the answer.?

Question: What steps are necessary to have the County assign “Library Avenue” as the name for the street shown on the Master Plan as “Main Street”?

Answer: Since the street is under construction by the County and there are no existing buildings on the street, County staff can and will assign the name “Library Avenue” to the street without any further action by the CCAC or by the Board of Supervisors. Staff accepts the resolution of the CCAC as sufficient back-up for assigning the street this name.

It is important to note that the length of the street named “Library Avenue” will ultimately be dependent on the route it takes through the redeveloped Bruce Barnes Lumber Company property and how it connects to adjoining properties.


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