This is What the Renovated Barnes Lumber Property May Look Like

See for yourself.

Read the whole story at the Crozet Gazette.

Barnes Lumber Redevelopment Plan in Crozet

The plan submitted by PDG includes an 600-foot-long pedestrian mall in the center of the project, anchored at the west end by a large building. Roell said a national firm that builds boutique hotels is interested in the site. Other features include the extension of Library Avenue (still an unofficial name for the road partially constructed in downtown) to connect to Parkside Village and a walking path junction in the southeast corner of the property nearest to Claudius Crozet Park that will connect downtown to the extensive system of trails laid out in the Crozet Master Plan.

What do you think about this?

Update: High-res version of the plan.

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9 Replies to “This is What the Renovated Barnes Lumber Property May Look Like”

  1. The connections to Hill Top Street, High Street and the New Library Street are brilliant. That whole area feels like it should connect. nnLove the ample parking [as proposed, mind you]. The northwest corner is a bit worrisome — I’m assuming the developers don’t own that – so whoever does needs to play nice into the design. Where would the new library go – the corner of High and Library? nnMy favorite is the pedestrian mall – with a ever-growing “night life” in Crozet (thanks to Mudhouse, Three Notch’d Grill & Fardowners, etc.) it would be great to have some open air seating/dining for the summer.

      1. Will there be any policies preventing walking to this pedestrian mall :)nnI don’t see any additional exists outside that area. I would think that crozet ave would get pretty busy, being next to the tracks.

        1. Walking across the tracks could be a bit of a problem… Someone needs to figure out how to connect The Square to the IGA Shopping Center.

          1. There was a reailroad crossing right acroess from IGA/Great Valu, but it was removed a few years ago.

  2. I knew the road in front of my house not being capped off with sidewalk meant it was open to something like this… connection as a thru-way I mean.

  3. Can’t wait for this to become a reality. I am hoping that the 600ft pedestrian mall gets some good restaurants and stores … and plenty of outdoor seating …

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