“Loss of Biodiversity More Important Issue than Global Climate Change” Discussion

Via press release:

Naturalist Marlene Condon, the author of The Nature-Friendly Garden: Creating a Backyard Haven for Plants, Wildlife, and People (Stackpole Books), will be giving an Earth Day presentation, “Wildlife at Work”, at the Charlottesville Senior Center on  April 22 at 1:30 PM.  This presentation is free and open to the public. 
According to Condon, the environmental focus nowadays is on global climate change, but a much more pressing issue is the loss of biodiversity.  Sheexplains that humans can adapt to changing weather patterns, but they can’t easily step into the roles played by disappearing wildlife.  Condonmaintains that a variety of wildlife is required to keep the environment habitable for mankind.
In this 45-minute slide show, the photographer shares images of wildlife working in her yard to keep it—and the environment— functioning properly.  She will also illustrate how people can create their own nature-friendly gardens in which Mother Nature furnishes, free of charge, most of the labor!
Condon’s book will be available for purchase.  If you have questions, please call (434) 823-8150. 

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