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  1. It is well known in Crozet that the areas behind the former Con Agra plant and the Acme Visible plant are polluted and have been polluted long before Western Ridge was planned. They shoud have done something about this when both plants were in operation. I feel certain that there is no need to “Deamonize” Starr Hill and I am confident that had they known of a problem they would have worked to fix it. Starr Hill is an important asset to the Western Albemarle community; I only wish we had more businesses like them.

    1. Reading the above mentioned article with frogs dying and a dog getting
      sick just shows the hysteria we now live with. If it is a simple grain spill
      I would suggest that next time they just clean it up before it hits the news. As far as Starr Hill being an important asset to the Western Albemarle community, That is a great example of an opinion…

      1. I think ‘hysteria’ is a bit extreme, no? I think people downstream were concerned (as i would be also) if fish, frogs and animals started getting sick near a stream near my home for an unknown reason.

        The news did two things…First, it informed residents the findings of the pollution. Second, perhaps other businesses will be a little bit more cautious about pollution so they’re not publicized on the news.

        For the record…i will still continue to drink their beer.

        1. Well, for me pollution is not the correct term for a grain spill. Who owns the property the creek runs through?
          Since the state deemed the creek safe will the dog sickness and frog issues still be investigated? I hope Starr Hill expands.

          1. i can go away from the crozet blog for months and when i return there is “ed”. maybe ed is old enough to remember the “joe pyne show”.

        2. That is the correct use of “pollution.” Pollution is anything that pollutes-does damage to an area/environment. Since the grain spill occurred in a ditch that feeds into a nearby creek which caused dog sickness and amphibian death it qualifies as pollution.

          Star Hill polluted the creek; to what extent and to what harm: almost none. Will there be any long term, lingering effects: probably not. Most certainly nothing even close to the pollution left behind by Con-Agra and Acme Records.

          1. Good lord, I wrote :”for me pollution is not the correct term for a grain spill”. For you it must be. It has not been determined what made the dog sick or the frogs. Pollen gets in the creeks as well. Do you consider this pollution? The state
            declared everything safe. If you have facts that
            dispute this you should contact them. If not,
            safe water does not qualify as polluted water to

            What I am curious about, is this creek on private
            property or is it part of Western Ridge?

  2. ACSA and DEQ investigated and determined that the source of the problem was a leak at Starr Hill, said that the leak has been fixed, and that it was undecided at this point if any remediation was needed other than fixing the leak. Western Ridge Owners Association sent a message to homeowners stating that some of what entered the creek was residue from cleaning the beer vats, and that there was no raw sewage leaking into the creek at any time. Lickinghole Creek passes through land that is a RSWA easement, land that is designated as a future county greenway trail, private property, and common land of the Western Ridge Owners Association. I have seen foam in the creek and the feeder spillway from the pond, and there is a deer carcass in the creek. (I don’t know what killed the deer — maybe the Crozet cougar, ha) I enjoy walking the trails in the neighborhood and think Lickinghole Creek is a great natural asset. I hope this info is helpful.

  3. i have heard it said that frogs are the first to go for any environmental degradation. there are ways to remediate organic pollution whether it be hog farming or beer making. i would think that it would be in the best interest of any business to protect and preserve the environment. noy only good sense but good advertising. dairy farms have sluice ponds.

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