Flooding in Crozet – 16 April 2011

Big thanks to the Crozet Gazette and Roscoe Shaw for this video showing the flooding in Crozet today.

Crozet Gazette noted:

The Crozet Gazette Video is by Crozet meteorologists Roscoe Shaw and Heidi Sonen. Footage from the Mint Springs Road area in Crozet.

Journalism by the people rocks.

These are some pics I took at the 250/240 intersection this afternoon.

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2 Replies to “Flooding in Crozet – 16 April 2011”

  1. We had a neighbor knock on our door a bit after one of the heavier rains had eased up. He told us to take a look at the road way, Saddle Hollow Road above Mint Springs Park and see the damage. It too looked like a raging river running down the mountain side. Cars have since been able to pass, but I suspect they are all 4 wheel drives. I tried contacting VDOT but gave up in frustration after holding for quite a long time. Will try calling again tomorrow. Don’t want them to forget us mountain folk.

  2. i was reminded of the 100 year flood at sugar hollow a few years back. was it 9 inches in two hours?

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