Cows Found in Parkside Village

If you know whose cows these are, we’d appreciate your letting them know where they are.

Note: This is not a common occurrence … they’ve been appearing just for the past few days.


Update 16 June 2011: Carter Johnson at the Newsplex reported on the cows and interviewed my daughters. I have to say, living in a little town where wandering cows is news is pretty nice.


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7 Replies to “Cows Found in Parkside Village”

    1. Agreed. The funny part was the ruckus they caused. I grew up with our fields being leased to cattle, crops and such, so such things weren’t uncommon. 

      Last night however, they came dangerously close to the little one’s pumpkin patch. I yelled at them and they got the message. 🙂 

      1. I have to admit that I wouldn’t be amused by cows pooping in my yard. 

        I’ve always wondered how often people see their animals when they have tons of land and a heard of cows on it.   Do the cows really come “home” every night?  Is it possible that there’s a farmer out there who has no idea that his cows found and open gate or break in the fence because they keep coming home at night?

        Not expecting you to know this stuff, of course.  Just thinking out loud.

  1. Has anyone even considered letting the livestock owner know that their cows were out? It is a common courtesy that is usually greaty appreciated.

  2. Hi, Edward —  We know what field they came from, but not who owns them or the field, since it is not connected to a house/farm.  I am a big fan of common courtesy and would love to tell them.  If you know who has converted the formerly unused field behind Crozet Park (and adjacent to Parkside Village) into a field for cattle, donkeys, and horses, or if you would like to look it up somehow and tell us (or tell them), that would be great.  (Perhaps they have fixed the fence, as the cows have not been back for a few days.)  So, yes, we’ve considered it, but I didn’t know how to find it out, and I figured if Jim didn’t know, then it probably wasn’t know-able.  🙂  

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