King Family has Quite a 4th of July Weekend Planned

Spend Saturday at the Crozet Parade and Fireworks and fun, and then Monday at King Family Vineyards looks awfully fun.

Monday, July 4
Tasting Room open 9AM-5PM
Music & Hot Dogs from 11AM-4PM

So this is the day we’re really excited about – assuming you’re not too worn out by all that wine you’ve been drinking on Saturday and Sunday!??We hope you’ll join us for a good old fashioned birthday party for the U.S.A.  ??
Tastings will be $10, but will include all of our wines.  That’s right, all.?Here’s your sneak peek at Monday’s tasting sheet:

• Viognier 2010 (new release)
• Roseland 2010
• Chardonnay 2010 (new release)
• Crosé 2010 (new release)
• Cabernet Franc 2010 (new release)
• Merlot 2009 (they can’t all be new)
• Meritage 2009 (another one you know well)
• Petit Verdot 2008 (yes, you really get to taste it this time!)
• Seven 2009 (new release)
• Loreley 2009

And, of course, you’ll get a King Family signature wine glass to add to your collection.

Did we mention there’s lunch?

We’ll have hot dogs on the grill, as well as chips and lemonade for all to enjoy.  $5 buys two hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and birthday cake!  Where are you going to beat that deal? (Oh, and the cake is from Chandler’s Bakery!  Mmmm.)

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