Library Avenue is Open

Temporary parking lot coming soon. Connectivity starts now.

“We are very pleased to be opening this section of roadway in Crozet that will be immediately helpful in providing connectivity in downtown and will eventually be a valuable multi-modal road serving the wider Crozet community,” said County Executive Tom Foley.

I’ll say this – making a left turn from Library Avenue onto 240 is going to be a challenge.

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3 Replies to “Library Avenue is Open”

  1. Should not be a problem to turn left. Finding an actual reason to use the road,
    now that would be a challenge.

  2. In my opinion, we should remove the traffic lanes and repaint the whole thing with parking lines. This would take the place of the new 50 spot parking lot and offer at least 70 spots to park. It would also save wasting money on a parking lot which we have no library  to build for. The “Road to Nowhere” should be for parking till the issue of a library and the outcome of Barnes Lumber negotiations are decided.  The only other option for now is it would make an excellent drag strip for Prius racing.(humor intended)

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