Crozet Schools Growing. Unexpectedly?!

Now … how are we going to pay for it?

Aaron Richardson at the DP reports:

According to the report, Meriwether Lewis Elementary, Crozet Elementary, Monticello High School andWestern Albemarle High School all will need expansions in the next five years. The cost of renovations to Western Albemarle, which the committee recommended accelerating by three years, could run as high as$15 million.

“We do see accelerated population growth in the western feeder pattern,” he said. “We are now expecting [Western Albemarle High School] to go beyond its capacities earlier than expected.”

I’m baffled how anyone who’s been here for more than five years can be surprised by the fact that Crozet is growing fast. Crozet’s population in 2000 was 2,820 and the population in 2010 was 5,565.

I wrote more about this at my real estate blog, looking at this “surprise” from the APF angle.

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5 Replies to “Crozet Schools Growing. Unexpectedly?!”

  1. Jim do you mean that growth does not pay for itself? With lots of new real estate there will be lots of new tax revenues, right? Or….. would it mean that the rise of costs for adequate schools not exactly increase in a linear fashion with population growth. Any insights?

  2. When you have a balanced area with business and industry it is far easier to absorb people and provide people with the services they require. The simple solution is to slow down the growth…

  3. I remember with the intital plans of Old Trail zoning, “they” said schools would not be impacted since the intended potential buyers would be retirees not young families since they couldn’t afford Old Trail…guess “they” were wrong… again

    1. This is a case where a wrong can be made right.  Just shut the tract housing down. The whole thing can be downscaled. Start giving them the Restore N station treatment…

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