Morning at The Lodge at Old Trail

I spent the morning with David Hilliard at The Lodge at Old Trail. I learned so much about what they are doing and was impressed with every facet. More to come in a later post, but I wanted to share the photos.

First, thank you, David for the time.

Second, as I wrote on my real estate blog

I’m no expert on “senior living” but I left with this:

David is compassionate, passionate and he cares about the community, the people and what he’s building. And what he’s building is a place where people are going to want to come to – “people” meaning those who choose to live there and those who are going to be visiting their families there.

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2 Replies to “Morning at The Lodge at Old Trail”

  1. I do not know how well your Real Estate business is doing but, you do have a very bright future in promotion or PR.  I am quite sure that you could
    successfully promote sand in the middle of the desert…

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