20 Replies to “One Week Later – Has the Jarman’s Gap Closing Been all that Bad?”

  1. Well , my two minute drive to Old Trail Village is now 10 minutes. Also I can’t run to the XC trail in Old Trail like I used to. Just a drag.

    1. Just run; if it only took you 2 minutes to drive to Old trail Village, you could run it in less than 10-15  minutes, then you don’t need to worry about not being able to use the trail.  It’ll cut down on your gas costs, save you time, and maybe you wont go back to driving if the road ever gets finished

  2. all trips into charlottesville are now 45 min instead of 30 to 35.  It is especially annoying late at night when you have to go all the way around and through Old Trail at 9 or 10 at night.  The entire process is ridiculous and sad.

    1. Really?!?!?!  Ridiculous and sad?  Can you be more dramatic?

      If you’re heading to CVille late at night the cut through at Old Trail is really no slower.  In fact I’d bet that it would be faster cutting through to get on 250.  God knows the po-po arent patrolling.  OT Drive is a raceway at all times of the day.

  3. Having grown up in Washimgton, D.C. and Northern, Va where we always have road projects this is really  nothing to whine about. Keep the end result in mind, it will be so much safer for all.

    1. Gail, while it’s important to keep the end result in mind, it’s also important to remember this isn’t DC or NOVA and we don’t want it to be.

      1. Old Trail and the build out that is now in progress sure looks like NOVA or Short Pump. They too, started out small until
        the realtors and developers took over. Only difference is the lack of decent paying jobs here. These projects are to accomodate growth, not safety.

          1. It feels odd, doesn’t it? This is the third time for me this year. Although I wouldn’t cast myself in with the realtors who “took over.”

          2. Depends how you look at it…i think Ed is getting ‘softer’.    I wouldn’t doubt he’s secretly looking for property in OT.  🙂

          3. Sorry, I would never get that weak. With all the changes coming how would you know what type of area you are buying into? 

          4. did you know what you bought into? If your answer is yes, they why did you buy into this area?  

          5. Yes, I was already here… The first half of my life I was not interested in owning anything. I then got my money together and built my house. One of the smartest things I have done. It is not that hard to figure out whats going to happen in Crozet.
            Hope you like it…

      2. Well then, close the airport and move The University (CVille’s only REAL economic driver).  Take a peek at 29 and you can see NoVa in front of you, not in your rearview mirror.  Always love hearing from folks who “don’t want it to be DC or NoVa”, but yet we have all the “amenities” of the big city: large music venues, art galleries/museums, university, healthcare, sports, etc.  CVille and Crozet are backwater no more…

  4. Not really. My commute in to Cville is early enough that I miss the Henley/WAHS traffic going through OT. Getting to downtown Crozet is kind of a pain, though.

  5. My one year old has a different perspective: He loves the addition of the “Snort!” (the bulldozers from Are You My Mother? book) to Crozet. It is his favorite thing to look forward to each time we get into the car and pass Jarman Gap Road (the cows and fire trucks are a close third and fourth, right behind the train, of course) HE thinks Crozet is the coolest place to be!

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