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Greetings friends/patrons of the Crozet Library,

Crozet and JMRL staff and board representatives have been working with Albemarle County staff and Supervisors for some time to urge them to fulfill their promise of building the new Crozet/Western Albemarle Library.

The plans for the new library were approved by the County Architectural Review Board in April. The parking lot for the new library is currently under construction.

A small group of supporters is convinced that strong and sustained advocacy is the only way to get the new library built. We are in the process of organizing this grassroots effort as “Build Crozet Library.”

There’s a particular urgency to this effort: without seeing steps taken toward building the new building soon, JMRL will need to start reducing the collection at the current Crozet Library. The excellent staff has done everything they can to make the space work for all patrons, but the crowded conditions are not sustainable.

WED, Oct. 5, at 9:00 am:

the Board of Supervisors is holding its regular meeting in Lane Auditorium of the County Office Building.

Please consider attending this meeting and making a public comment in support of building the new library.

Please note:

Public comment is one of the top items on the agenda, so it would not take a great deal of time to show up, speak, then leave.

If you could arrive early, there is a sign up sheet available from 8:15 to 8:30 am. However, according to the BOS clerk, Ms. Ella Jordan, ?If you do not get here in time to sign up the Chair always asks if there is anyone who wishes to speak who did not have an opportunity to sign up.

Each commenter is allowed three minutes; it is not necessary to take up all of that time. Anyone can simply stand and speak their support and be done.

If you would like to speak and have concerns about what to say, please let me know. Thanks to Tim Tolson, William Schrader, and the excellent staff, we have plenty of information on the need for the library.

Thank you for your consideration. If you cannot speak, but would like to support our efforts in any other way, please just let me know.

Thank you,

Jane Kulow

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42 Replies to “Show your Support for the (building of) Crozet Library”

  1. is this not absurd? the wealthiest county in the state and we have to petition for a decent  sized library. the median price home in this illustrious place is 300k+. no sidewalks and no recycling and education cuts. maybe it is better to be on the poorer side. who can take off from work on a wednesday? should we have a meeting on clean air and water?

    1. We are the “wealthiest” county according to who? And, what is the poverty rate?  If Crozet wants to ignore other needs and build another
      library it should pay for it. Either incorporate or create a special taxation district and just do it. Since a library already exists people
      should not mind an increase in their taxes to pay for it. Or would they?
      The public meeting space involved in this plan corrupts the whole idea.
      Electronic delivery of media is now considered normal. Charlottesville
      Public Schools will be using this next year. An outdated concept does
      not deserve this amount of money and unelected boards do not speak
      for anyone but themselves. Albemarle County should not pay for this. Crozet should.

      1. the money was there,where did it go? the majority of the money comes from private interests. charlottesville is no template for an affordable future even it is signing on to the googlemania that is misinformation. i will gladly enjoy a meeting place where books are present. electronic goo gahs may fill any home space.

        1. Albemarle County is alot more than Crozet. Money is needed for many things and Crozet has gotten way more than it’s fair share.  Are you for the creation of a Crozet
          special taxation district in order to raise taxes to build
          your “meeting place where books are present”? Or, since
          you think that private interests will fund this maybe a
          meeting place with books by McDonalds? Greenwood has a Community Center that was built by the community. It was taken over by the County several years ago and still run by the County.  Why is this concept so foreign to the needy of Crozet? Build the building, at the very least, and then ask for help…

          1. ohh schmagaigy! what about young children who don’t want or need electronic goo-gaws put in front of them. so we help subsidize a 13.9 million dollar stretch of road that leads to a development that was started and created by the founding members of va. national bank. like i  said previously just drive over the mountain and look and experience the waynesboro public library. the politics of cheapness may work in some cases but education is not one of those cases. let’s pave the roads a few more times till the curbs disappear.

          2. Young children have a library available to them in school. Even younger children
            have parents who can either provide them with a book or hook them up. If the
            people in Crozet want a meeting place they should pay for it and quit using children as an excuse to avoid doing so.
            Several viable options have been put forward. The unelected boards with their conflicts of interest want the most expensive one, one that is basically a
            municipal building. They should have the integrity to call it what it is and, pay fot it…

          3. children need and want tactile experience as do kids with autism or other disabilities. we have no trouble funding countless wars but when it comes to education we renege on our promises. this is a very closed ended male perspective.

          4. Come on, Albemarle Co. does not fund any wars.
            As far as education there are libraries in schools and Crozet has a library. If
            you want a new municipal
            building/library you should pay for it.

      2. I wouldn’t use the City’s plan to use tablets as an example of progress. I suspect in fewer than 18 months it will be seen as the boondoggle it is. They’re outdated and wasteful before they’ve been delivered to the students.

        1. I picked something that was in the news and local. Digital delivery of media is expanding faster than people
          can keep up with. Electronic classrooms are a reality.

          1. Electronic classrooms may indeed be considered a wave of reality, but time will tell if this is actually doing good.  Don’t invest too much in one thing.  Yes, utilize electronic media but also keep schools and libraries. 

          2. So right. As the mother of an honor student who has attempted on-line classes, they are horrible. There is no interaction (which are critical for learning) and there is little opportunity for5 students to ask questions of instructors outside of class. Nor are electronic delivery systems a suitable substitute for a public library. Don’t forget that many in our community do not have any, or have only unreliable access to internet. We need a public library.

          3. We already have a public library.
            For every person that cannot handle online classes there are those that prefer them. More and
            more job applications are done that way too. I was an honor student, ain’t life great???

          4. Don’t get me started with online classes.   Schools like to  charge same tuition for online as onsite.   

            Next you’ll be telling me that learning a new language w/ rosetta stone is the same as learning while abroad.  

          5. You don’t like online courses, others do. They are not the same price either. Preference is kinda big these days. So, are you wiling to pay for what you want??

          6. You seem to think everyone wants a “free ride”. No one has said they would never pay for services and projects.

  2. We certainly need a new library, but I believe the size of the proposed library is a lot more than we need.  A lot of what is proposed as public space for meetings and other community events is already available in Crozet, or can be had by remodeling available space at a lower cost than building new.  I would like to see the plans revisited, even though they already been approved.

    1. how can this library be too large when developement is just getting started? what dilapidated buildings would fulfill our community needs?

    2. I concur.  JMRL on 29 North is a leased building.  The real estate remains on the tax roles, and Albemarle County can walk away from it at the end of their lease should the needs of the 29 North ara change.  This concept makes perfect sense to me.   However, our unelected officials who “think they speak for the residents of Crozet” but in truth work very hard to fulfill their personal agenda’s feel compelled to drive the construction of a Taj Mahal.  These are the few who wants a “municipal building”  where they can hold their meetings. Their long term agenda is to incorporate Crozet so they can become “the elected officials” who run the community.  I for one do not want this much government in my life, nor do I want an incorporated town with an additional tax burden.  

  3. Hi friends and neighbors,
    There is no question as to the inadequacy of the present library to meet our community’s needs.  It is my understanding that the new library might not even be big enough to accomodate the predicted growth in this area.  I was quite surprised that people think it is lavish either in design or simply it’s construction at all.

    What is the role of our library?  It is not simply a place to check out books, use the Internet or make copies; it is a hub of our community.  Other hubs include churchs, schools, civic groups, etc., but the library is the most inclusive opportunity that we have to mix with our fellow citizens.  Don’t we want to support that?
    I don’t see the library as an attempt at political manipulation in the hope of future community support.  The current library is inadequate and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.  If you don’t agree, spend some time with the librarians at the Crozet Library.  They are friendly, helpful and express genuine concern and interest in their patrons.  Did you know that Wendy Saz, the branch manager, has to vacate her “office” anytime there is a community function held in the small meeting room at the library? The library staff works hard to meet the community’s growing needs with inadequate resources. 

    In American society, libraries are an integral part of community life.  We are proud of our libraries; we love our libraries.  It is a “public” library, available regardless of race, creed, financial status, etc.  It is the place where one can schedule or attend a community meeting knowing that all are welcome; there is no agenda other than serving the community. 

    Thank you for your support of this valuable community resource.  It is a source of vibrancy and genuine connection at this challenging time as we strive to integrate a huge influx of newcomers into our community 

    As to buildings available for public use, there is an unmet need in that area, as well.  As an individual who has organized numerous community functions (voluntarily, with no benefit to myself other than feeling good about helping my community), it is difficult to locate appropriate space in the Western Albemarle area.  I have utilized the Greenwood Community Center, but one large room is not appropriate for all functions.  Spaces that I am aware of include Crozet Park building (safety issues), the Meadows (small and limited availability), the Crozet Library (small and limited availability), and the firehouse (limited availablility).  If there is another public space available at an affordable (free is good, but cheap would do) rate, I would love to be contacted by the person who is offering it.  A large room, two small rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen would be just great.  

    1. You have a valid opinion. Are you willing to support a special tax district for Crozet in order to pay for what you want? Do you feel a
      majority of residents would support this?  If a new Library/Municipal
      Building does not get built how would that effect the community? It is not an all or nothing deal.  The community will survive either way…

      Are unincorporated communities supposed to have buildings for public use? The Albemarle County office building has meeting space.
      Revolutions have been sprung from people’s basements. If you are not happy with what is available for meetings maybe you are just not happy. Since you feel a new library is essential how do you feel about the rescue squad? Old building, cramped space, expanded service area,
      etc, etc. See how politics work. Would should be considered actually essential, Library?  NOT…

      1. who made you the boss? always disagreeing with everyone and being cantankerous to the point of distraction. why do you want others to capitulate about every subject that arises as if your opinion is the sum total of reality? where do you come up with “special tax district” and your so-called “unelected board”. we want a library because we,the people, do not live in a void as you describe and want what other communities  all across the world have. stay home and talk to that monitor.

        1. Just because I do not agree, means I do not agree. The County can create special tax districts, Crozet can
          incorporate. That is one way that if the people want
          something, they can pay for and, get what they want.
          And, there are unelected boards in Crozet. And since you use the word “we” if “we” wants it bad enough those
          are some of the things that can be done.  
          If I have said anything that is not true please let me know…

      2. In my life, I put an emphasis on people and relationships, not things.    That is the value I bring to my community and the perspective from which I operate.   It is great to have this forum for discussion, it can be a constructive tool of public debate.  It is also a means of communication which can provide other benefits to our community.  I appreciate it’s use as a means of connecting with fellow citizens, announcing events of local interest, and presenting opportunities for members of our community to be of service to each other.The issues discussed here will not be decided by a few individual opinions; that will be done at the voting booth.  I think it would be most beneficial if this forum were used to present perspectives in a sensitive, civil manner.  We should be mindful of Jim’s vision for this list:  to facilitate community communication and help Crozet become an even better place to live, when we post.   Let’s not rely on fallacious arguments which distract from the key issues.  What are the fundamental needs and concerns of our community?  

        1. Discussion is an ongoing conversation. Being involved in one usually draws out both sides of an issue. If one
          side refuses to accept an opposing opinion that tends to
          end the conversation. The vision behind this list is open
          discussion on things Crozet and Western Albemarle.
          Letting the people decide at the voting booth would be a great way to solve things. It is not an option though.
          The Crozet Boards are unelected and do not have to submit to voter approval. I feel that the special tax district issue should be brought before the BOS. If there
          is enough support fot it and it passes It would be very easy to build a library or anything else these boards want.

          1. It is the Board of Supervisors that has decision making power over what happens in Crozet (and the rest of Albemarle County), and they are elected. So people do decide at the voting booth. Of course, we vote for only 1 of the 6 members of the BoS, and each of the 6 has equal say about what happens in Crozet, and the rest of the County. 

            When you reference “unelected Crozet Boards” I assume you are referring to the Crozet Community Advisory Council? Is that correct?  It is true that the CCAC is unelected; they are appointed by the BoS. There has been an advisory council appointed for each of the growth areas. However, the CCAC has no decision making authority. They are strictly an advisory body. The Planning Commission doesn’t even have decision making authority. The BoS, the elected body, makes the decisions. 

            If you feel that a special tax district for Crozet should be brought before the BoS, then by all means, do it. Go for it.

          2. Thanks. I already have. But the fact remains that it needs support before it will happen. Do people support a special
            tax district to pay for a new library in Crozet? That is one way you can make sure that it is built…

  4. Even after all this time, I am still surprised to see how many people respond to him and let him get under your skin. If we could be so lucky as to block his asinine comments, there may actually be some productive conversations on here.

    1. Asinine? Part of being in a Community is that all voices are heard. If you can not respect other peoples opinions that you do not agree with
      you do not seem to respect the concept of Community. As far as blocking my comments, as long as the County sends me a bill every six
      months I will have opinions on how the mony is spent. Sorry to hear that free discussion bother you so much.

  5. If we each contribute $1 every time Edwards says “unelected board” or “special tax district” we’ll fund the library in no time.  Of course, if we all contributed $1 every time any of his arguments made any sense, well, we’d have $0.25 in the pot.

    The guy is a loon.  He’s entitled to his opinion (as everyone is) but can’t he just keep it to himself sometimes or find another blog to post on?  Hell, Edward, write your own blog.  It’s not fun to open a comment thread, write a comment and have it followed by some nonsensical retort, based in half-reality, and usually filled with 1 of 5 phrases that Edward’s learned to type.

    It’s beyond frustrating, and maybe that’s what he’s looking for, but I would love to see something constructive, productive, informational, and educational here.  Given the current state of his comments, I don’t think it’s possible.  All we’re getting is bickering and attempting to help him see out from behind his world view.  His comments aren’t contributing to the discussions at hand and generally I feel it’s taking away from the quality of the blog.

    We need a solution…

    1. Are you willing to create a special tax district to fund what you want?
      That is a question facing the whole Country now. Are people willing to
      seperate wants from needs and pay for it. That is a viable solution.
      Do you really want a library? How does this not make sense? How do you propose to build it?

          1. BOA has never been associated with anything free, especially
            regarding services for customers.

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