14 Replies to “Now is the Time to Build Crozet’s Downtown”

  1. build what for who?  I think the greater charlottesville metropolitan area (tongue firmly planted in check) has all that 60-75K people need.  i’ll listen when and if the c’ville area actually becomes a “major” urban center, then we can discuss the need to build a downtown crozet.

    1. Build downtown Crozet for Crozet. If and when gas goes to (and stays at) $5/gallon, trips to Charlottesville will be reduced greatly. 

      Crozet needs to continue to develop its self-sufficiency, build and enhance the walk- and bike-ability, locate and bring to Crozet employers, whether industry or knowledge or service-based. 

      A thriving, vibrant downtown built now will be invaluable in the years to come; urban cores are what the market wants – it’s why people are moving closer to downtowns and selling their homes in the fringes/exurbs. 

      1. The Crozet/Western Albemarle community was not built by
        county govt. It should not be rebuilt by county govt.  It was a
        desirable, thriving place.  Now, it is a bedroom community. How did that happen? They let the developers in. Who build
        more housing than the area can support in it’s present form.
        The County can help Crozet by stopping the tract housing and
        allowing  industry back. The NYTimes should apply itself to fixing NYC. I doubt that it can understand a community such as
        Crozet… And, $4.00 @ gallon gas would really change things
        just like $5.00 @ pack cigarettes would stop smoking, or so
        the people who write for a living think.

  2. I agree that a thriving downtown is invaluable, but that needs to be in Cville.  Crozet is only 15 miles from Cville, we are far from the fringe/exurb.  And Cville is far from an “urban core”.  The NYT op/ed piece cites CITIES such as Portland, Denver, Philadelphia and Chattanooga.  The smallest (Chattanooga) has a population of 170K, nearly 70% greater than the ENTIRE Albemarle County.  Even Arlington, VA (which is mentioned in the piece as a transformed place) has a population of 190K.  So we can stop kidding ourselves that we are even close to being urban. 
    We can start by investing in transportation infrastructure – light rail, etc. – and the schools (that’s waht really sells homes) instead of a new downtown.  What Albemarle County residents do have is gobs of money.  Much more than the average county of 100K residents.

    1. Crozet is 15 miles along your choice of two, two land roads or an interstate that is out of the way for a lot of the population.

      Light rail won’t work unless there is a transportation infrastructure in what we consider C-Ville.  As spread out as town has become, that’s nearly impossible.  Try doing your errands without a car.  Best of luck to you.  It’d be nearly impossible for most of us.  The fact is people are always going to drive unless they can’t afford to or its easier not to.  I could see a “light passenger train” with motorcycle transport so people could get around town but it all depends on the price of fuel.

      And a thriving downtown doesn’t “need” to be anywhere.  The County and City have been very instrumental and successful in developing the Downtown mall and keeping Charlottesville vibrant.  A downtown Crozet will benefit everyone in the area and what (I believe) Jim is talking about is appropriate zoning and support from the County that encourages landowners, developers, and builders to use the concept of a “downtown” for Crozet.  Otherwise we’ll see the “rot” that has occurred across the mountain and in many other areas.  We’ve started to see this in Crozet, with Old Trail and the 250 development.  Had that, and the necessary infrastructure improvements, been built in downtown Crozet, we’d have an unbelievable, thriving, vibrant, and successful downtown.  All it would have taken was appropriate zoning and backbone by Crozet residents and our BOS.  Instead we have a few competing area that are destined to compete instead of complement each other.  Unless we grow, population wise, we’re going to see the same rot here as you can see elsewhere.

  3. times change and so has crozet. no need to hold onto old mottos where jobs were shipped overseas. this community was built on apple growers and other producers. the barnes lumber yard is for sale. alot of lumber today is made from recycled plastic which there is no shortage of. there is some fine outdoor furniture being made from recycled plastic too. the recycling industry cannot keep up with the demand. our children are growing up in schools and learning about recycling,composting, and alternative energy. the manufacturing sector cannot keep up with the needs of the people. there are many cool and innovative  accomplishments happening around the world.

  4. We now have a Bead Shop in Crozet.  Blue Ridge Beads & Glass moved their C’ville store to the Crozet Shopping Center…in the old BBT bank space.  434-823-4237.

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