Wienermobile coming to Crozet – Tuesday 20 December

The Wienermobile will be in Crozet on 20 December from noon to 4 – at Old Trail’s shopping area. Come see the Wienermobile and bring food for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.

And they’re not just the winners of “most awful play on words I’ve seen in a while” …

Wienermobile (wienermobile) on Twitter

Via the Old Trail blog:

The Oscar Mayer ‘Wienermobile’ will be stopping in Crozet, Virginia, Tuesday, December 20th, from Noon until 4pm.  In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Wienermobile, Oscar Mayer held a contest on Facebook asking for people to vote for their towns to win a visit.  Crozet was one of just 75 locations chosen for this anniversary tour.
The Wienermobile will setup in the Old Trail Village Center parking lot, located just off I64 Exit 107 (  Everyone is invited to come tour the Wienermobile, receive coupons and iconic wiener-whistles, and have their picture taken for free, which may be accessed later via the web.  Children can also enjoy Wienermobile coloring sheets and all are invited to address special Wienermobile-themed postcards to family and friends.
In addition to the Wienermobile’s usual fun festivities, the event will also serve as a collection point for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank (  A list of most-needed items is online here.

For more information, contact Andrea McNeill, [email protected] or visit the Old Trail Village website.  The “Hotdoggers” of the Wienermobile are online via twitter:  @Wienermobile and at

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5 Replies to “Wienermobile coming to Crozet – Tuesday 20 December”

  1. yes,as innocent as this weinermobile may seem i still have to speak for animal welfare and humane treatment of animals for our range hogs and pigs are less unknown than previous times. the fact that there are factory raised livestock that is force fed until their legs give out from weight and weakness should not be forgotten. eat healthy and be happy this holiday season

  2. are you kidding me?  What does any of that have to do with the “Weinermobile”??? Good Grief…is everything a “cause”???  Come out everybody and bring some food stuffs for the Blue Ridge Food Bank…Congrats Crozet for getting the “get”!!! Bravo…such iconic fun.

  3. Leave it to some on here/in Crozet to make this about animal rights and the unpopular decisions our elected officials make regarding Crozet.  It’s the Weinermobile for crying out loud!  I’m guessing fishead won’t be attending this gathering as they will be too busy saving the animals.

  4. yea, let’s ignore the facts this holiday season. animals stuffed in smaller than small quarters, pumped full of antibiotics and fed an unnatural feedlot diet. no need to not feel good this holiday season but disregard and ignorance for humane treatment is not the answer. acknowledge wrongdoing and carry on. denial was a beautiful river in egypt.

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