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From the Crozet listserv:

We have exciting news to share regarding the Crozet PARC (Park Aquatics and Recreation Center).

We are in the FINAL stages of approval and fundraising and if all goes as planned we will start construction in early February with a completion date of May, 2012!  Our Architectural and Building Committee has been working diligently and are “ready to build”.  The PARC has raised the community match thanks to all our community friends.

The Park Board made a major improvement by re-plastering the pool last spring, and we need to rebuild that account, so the Park match of $200,000 is solid. In mid December we were given another $10,000 gift with another $10,000 match IF we can raise the remaining 20,000 shortfall by the end of the year.

We have recieved $11,000 in pledges and donations in the last few days, so we are now only $9,000 shy.   Right before Christmas, we received a $10,000 pledge, which will be received if we raise this last $9000 before the end of the year.
That ‘s right, we’ll receive the $10,000 match grant, giving us a total of $40,000 raised in December and covering the shortfall due to the re-plastering of the pool.

If you are considering any end of the year giving opportunities please consider the Park… it adds up fast and will give us the security we need to make this project successful along with a $10,000 match gift.  All donations and pledges (yes, pledges will count toward making our match gift so you can pledge now and pay later; but  we need to receive something in writing or a donation dated for this year)  can be sent to:

Crozet PARC
PO Box 171
Crozet, VA 22932

Again thank you for all your support in making this project a reality.  Crozet Park will have the first year round aquatics and recreation facility open to the public in the County thanks to the Crozet community and its passion to see things happen!   Look for more information in the weeks to come.  If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia at [email protected].

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3 Replies to “News About the PARC”

  1. Wow Folks we can make this happen  – thanks to the Lodge at Old Trail for their $500 pledge today  !!

    Thank you Crozet – Crozet PARC Committee

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