“Automobile Laundry” Coming to 240

Presumably “auto laundry” means “car wash”.

Either way, it’s likely to come across from Music Today on 240.
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From the Albemarle County website:

ZMA 2011-008 Three Notch’d Center PROPOSAL: Request to amend the application plan to include an automobile laundry use on property zoned PD-SC- Planned Development Shopping Center which allows large-scale commercial uses and residential by special use permit at 15 units/acre. No residential is proposed. PROFFERS: Yes EXISTING COMPREHENSIVE PLAN LAND USE/DENSITY: Light Industrial- manufacturing, storage, distribution, with supporting office, retail, R&D, flex and commercial uses within the Crozet Master Plan. ENTRANCE CORRIDOR: Yes LOCATION: 5368, 5374, and 5382 Three Notch’d Road, located on the northside of Three Notch’d Road approx 500 feet west of its intersection with Parkview Drive. TAX MAP/PARCEL: Tax Map 56A3 Parcel 9 MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: White Hall

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5 Replies to ““Automobile Laundry” Coming to 240”

  1. This is good news. I have used that “car wash” in front of Great Valu a few times. I can’t believe the owners have the nerve to even charge to use this thing. The pressure is low, the equipment is raggedy and it is just an eyesore. Hopefully this new one will be the self-service spray nozzle kind as opposed to the “no-touch” drive through kind that simply wet your vehicle and you drive off with a dirty haze on it. Let’s hope it doesn’t look like the horizontal Red Bull can car wash on Ivy Rd!

    1. and their filters could be replaced more often.  Its like washing your car w/ mud.    About the only reason i use this car wash is to cleanse the under body after salt is applied to the roads in the winter. 

  2. This is much needed!  But I disagree- I do not want to get out of my car to have my car washed….I’d love one like they have out on 29.

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