Right Turn Lane on Crozet Avenue?

Last week I lamented the possibility of Crozet Avenue becoming a bottleneck. This week, it appears that the right turn lane may not be viable. After the break, you can see Piedmont Development Group’s proposal for a right turn lane followed by Albemarle County’s response. I’m no engineer so I’ll leave it to those who know better as to whose response is more practical. All I know is this – traffic and congestion are coming; those who live within walking or biking distance of downtown Crozet will benefit greatly from the growth.

This week, Katurah Roell of Piedmont Development Group, the group building Claudius Place and proposing the “downtown mall” where Barnes Lumber is currently located emails:

I have attached a concept for a right turn lane on to Library Ave.  This is currently not being considered by the county although it has been presented to them and discussed with Ann Mallek.  This example would provide to traffic to turn right into the new downtown area that is anticipated to generate more traffic.  This lane would provide for additional traffic flow between Jarmans Gap Rd and Library ave.  Otherwise, this piece of Crozet Ave will become a bottleneck and create congestion of traffic during peak hours.  I urge you all to ask the county to consider moving the library back from the frontage the necessary distance to provide for enough right-of-way to construct this turn lane.  If they build the library tight up against the road this will prevent any future improvements for Crozet Ave.  As you all know, they have been working on Right-a-way easements in order to improve that stretch of Crozet Ave.  It is very important that the County provide additional Right-a-way on there frontage for these needed improvements.  I hope you all understand the importance of providing the road width and turn lanes for that stretch of Crozet Ave.  If Library ave is suppose to connect all of the neighborhoods to the East and to the proposed 240-250 connector road, then it is very important that proper access for these connections be provided for good transportation movements.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering this extremely important matter for Corzet’s (sic) future.

Proposal from Piedmont Development Group for right turn lane on Crozet Avenue

And Albemarle County’s response:

Albemarle County’s response to the right turn lane proposal on Crozet Ave

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One Reply to “Right Turn Lane on Crozet Avenue?”

  1. That is one of the ways to limit growth. Route 250 is a scenic byway so what
    is the point?  Tear up Crozet and make it into Anytown and then have two lane
    congestion to get anywhere? Nope, limited growth is all the area can stand and
    all the rest of the County is willing to pay for.  Then again, that is a great suggestion for not building the Municipal Building/Library.  A turning lane????
    We need jobs/industry first, nonsense later. Time to let the BOS hear all the voices…

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