Could a Mid-Week Farmers’ Market Work in Crozet?

Driving home yesterday, lamenting how I had missed both the Crozet and Charlottesville markets, I wondered if a mid-week late afternoon farmers market which be feasible or viable in Crozet. What do you think?

The response on FB to my query was quite positive.

As a side note, who updates the Crozet Farmers’ Market page on Local Harvest? The page hasn’t been updated since 2010.


Help the Crozet Farmers’ Market (2009)
What’s the future of the Crozet Farmers’ Market? (2010)Other area markets:

Forest Lakes has a Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays

Meade Park in Charlottesville has a market on Wednesdays (the misplaced apostrophe on this page grates my brain)

Pen Park has a market on Tuesdays (also on Facebook)

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