Anderson Seafood at Gateway Gas

It was only a couple weeks ago that I wondered out loud whether a mid-week Farmer’s Market would work. So this evening when driving home, luckily I took the 250 way to 240 rather than the Starr Hill way and saw that Charlottesville’s Anderson’s Seafood had set up in the Gateway Gas parking lot. Seafood, crab cakes, twice baked potatoes, fresh-picked this morning corn … here’s hoping they can make it work. They’ll be there Friday through Sunday and he mentioned he might come on Thursdays.

Anderson's Seafood at Crozet's Gateway Ga

Update 24 June 2012: Here’s a link to the FB conversation. I’m going to try to remember to post the link to FB conversations here, as finding them later is nearly impossible.

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3 Replies to “Anderson Seafood at Gateway Gas”

  1. From email commenter Momsy:

    Re: Anderson Seafood….I feel badly that the mom and son who used to have this corner were pushed out. They came a long way to be able to sell there. I don’t feel this is a happy event. Thanks for listening.

  2. Super bummed that the mom and pop and son operation were not invited to come back this year. They had the best produce in town and they would even head back to the farm in order to get more of a product I wanted!

    I pulled in this weekend, thinking it was those folks again, but was sorely disappointed to see that the Anderson’s had taken the spot. They should stick to selling out of their storefront.

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